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5 Things That Your Home Can Absolutely Do Without

 There are certain things in a home that make it look complete and charming. On the other hand, certain things are outdated and look out of place. As such things and accessories are not in use anymore, they draw the wrong kind of attention from visitors and guests, not to mention they turn the appeal and appearance of the home.

The best thing to do is to get rid of such things and try and bring the charm of of your home decor in the spotlight. Whilst everyone knows what sorts of things your home can do with (a great garden, or loft conversion in Essex), not so many people know what your home can do without.
So let’s take a look at what these things are and how we can replace them!
  1. Toilet seat rugs and covers
To begin with, nobody really needs a rug adorning their toilet seats which immediately makes it an unnecessary item. To add to this, these seat covers often come with a matching rugs that sit snugly around the base of the toilet. Not only do these act as a breeding ground for germs, these will also add to the laundry you’re supposed to wash.

So, instead decking up the toilet seat with a cover let seat lid remain naked for it to warm up. As for the rug, replace it with a throw rug away from the toilet area.
  1. Numerous picture frames
Does your home has walls packed with picture frames in different patterns, size and colours? If yes, then you should probably remove the mismatching frames because these make your wall look too cluttered, not to mention it diminishes the stylish appearance of the hallway or the room where it is placed. Picture frames placed haphazardly puts a blotch on the ambience of your home.
We’re not suggesting that you get rid of the family pictures altogether. We’re just saying that you introduce an order, symmetry to it so that it looks good without crowding the wall. Make sure that the frames you use go well with the wall color and the room’s overall look.
  1. Outdated curtains
Curtains play a crucial role in elevating the look and appearance of a room. They not only prevent direct sunlight from entering into a room but also enhance the look and appearance of the walls they are aligned with.

But, if the curtains are old or don’t go well with the color and design of the room, they can tarnish the look of the entire room. So take a look at the drapes you have and ask yourself whether the curtains are too short or long for the window; do the print and style look outdated; is the colour of the curtains fading away and whether the hangings match the look and appearance of the room?
These questions will help you with your decision of changing your curtains.
  1. Artificial flowers 
Gone are the days when people used artificial flower pots and plants to enhance the ambience of the space. If you place artificial flowers in the hall today, it will look very much out of place. Moreover, big flower arrangements get dusty easily and require lot of efforts and time to clean.
So instead, plant some real and flowers in your garden or balcony. You can also place some fresh flowers in a vase on the table to create a refreshing vibe. It will look more appealing and charming than the fake ones any day.
  1. Too many knick knacks
No doubt some aesthetic accessories and decorative items work wonders in decorating a home. But these knick knacks should be proportional to the overall items present in a room. If you place too many knick knacks at the same place, your room will end up looking messy and cluttered.  So don’t display all the decorative items all in the same place.
So, take a close look at all the items that you have in your home and see what amongst these are of no use to you at all. Eliminate things that you can absolutely do without. Instead, bring in more things that add more value to you and your home decor like fancy sculptures or fashionable pendant lights etc .
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