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5 reasons to take broadband for your home

From easy access for all devices to easy broadband bill payment options, there’s something for everyone with a good broadband connection.

Every home today requires a connection to the outside world. This is done via taking a superfast broadband connection for the home. Today, the house has not just a desktop computer, but also gaming consoles, mobile phones, tabs and Smart TVs. All of these can use the same connection to work.

Consider the 5 best reasons to take broadband connection for your house:

1 It offers Internet to everybody. The biggest benefit of broadband is that it makes the Internet accessible for multiple digital devices at the same time. Compare this feature to a standard dial-up connection and you will notice that with broadband, many devices are connected on the same network at the same time – none have to wait for the other to finish working to clear up bandwidth. Broadband offers a higher band width, and connections like Airtel broadband offer connectivity for up to 10 devices simultaneously.

2 The speeds are superbly fast. When you take broadband from a leading provider like Airtel, you get the advantage of the brand’s superfast Internet speeds. Airtel broadband offers speeds higher than 40 Mbps in most cases, with the V-fibernet touching peak speeds of 300 Mbps. These fast speeds help you browse uninterrupted, without any time lag in loading files, videos, or making net-based calls. Broadband is also excellent for home-based web business set-ups.

3 It even connects your TV set to the network. The fastest broadband connections are also facilitating the inclusion of Smart TVs on the home network. When you are not watching Internet TV, you can even use the broadband connection to get access to external Internet sources like Chromecast or Amazon Firestick. Thus, even TV viewing is facilitated over the same network.

4 It is cost-effective. By connecting multiple devices at the same time on the same network, the broadband connection actually becomes a much more cost-effective solution for the home. This is further helped along by taking a good plan from a leading provider like Airtel, which offers multiple broadband plan options in every major Indian city and town. Thus, for the price of a monthly package spanning a few months or a year, you can connect up to 10 devices on the same network and enjoy uniformly fast speeds with zero outages.

5 The bill payment is easy online. Airtel also facilitates easy broadband bill payment online. Just log on to the Airtel website or smartphone app to do the broadband bill payment in minutes. You will be reminded about the payment due date and amount every month on email and SMS. After this, simply go online to make the broadband bill payment on time to enjoy uninterrupted services.
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