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Vaping gives you a better lifestyle than smoking – Know how

Tobacco is still killing more than 6 million people all over the world. In spite of the public health efforts to let people quit smoking, smoking still is the biggest cause of premature death and ill health. Even with such restrictions on advertising for tobacco and smoking in public, there are still too many from the young generation who engage in smoking. In the poorer and developing countries, things are even worse because there is very little support to stop smoking. The control policies of the tobacco industry are also weaker.

Amidst the light of this, how should you take into account the rising popularity of vaping or electronic cigarettes? You can get your vape pen from V2 E-Cigarettes UK and thereafter enter the culture of vaping. Read on to know more on this.

The brand new culture of vaping

There is this emerging culture of vaping and these are devices which provide you with a range of power settings, a wide array of liquids and different levels of nicotine content and flavor. Enthusiasts usually apply different modifications to the vaping devices and they engage in cloud chasing. The young generation is experimenting with electronic cigarettes, though at the present moment there isn’t any strong proof that this leads to use of cigarette or long term use of cigarettes.

The health professionals are all hurrying to research the evidence based policies and guidelines. The tobacco industry, in the mean time, is buying electronic cigarette companies and introducing their products to the market.

Are there fewer chemicals in electronic cigarettes?

Nothing can be claimed to be totally risk-free but the diminished numbers of chemicals that are present in the vapor of electronic cigarettes, as compared to tobacco smoke means we can be confident that vaping is much less toxic than smoking. It was found that the human heart cells were under much less stress when they were brought in touch with electronic cigarettes. Nicotine is addictive but much less than what you find in tobacco cigarettes where the remaining chemicals boost the effect.

This would definitely have a good impact on the larger population of nicotine users as they can make the conscious switch to electronic cigarettes. With the fewer number of chemicals, it is definitely better to vape electronic cigarettes than smoke tobacco cigarettes. Smokers should never be prevented from seeking access to electronic cigarettes and the potential harm of the use of tobacco cigarettes should be highlighted on.
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