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Check your health during cancer treatments

The primary tool to preventing brain tumours is within one’s control and that is one’s lifestyle. Making healthy choices when it comes to diet, exercise, avoiding carcinogens in your environment, and reducing stress can effectively reduce the risk of developing brain tumours.

There are many hospitals for brain tumour surgery in India where one can go for their treatments. Also here are a few things that one needs to check while the treatment is on.

Consume Cancer Fighting Phytonutrients

One always has to consume a diet which is rich in cancer fighting nutrients and is very essential in preventing and treating brain tumours. This is an approved cancer treatment and it has devastating toxic effects on the body. This also hampers the healthy cells of the body and so one needs some natural remedies to combat the disease. This rich diet must include herbs and fruits as they can equip the brain with a lot of anti oxidants and it also limits the cellular damage by scavenging the free radicals by shutting down the brain tumour communication signals and reducing brain inflammations. One needs to have a lot of green and leafy vegetables on a regular basis along with oregano, turmeric, ginger, basil, thyme and green tea as they all have strong cancer fighting properties.

Go For Ketogenic Diet

A research in 20th century has shown that cancer cells thrive off the energy from the altered states of respiration. Glucose is a strong source of energy for the healthy brain cells but the cancer cells rely mostly on glucose metabolism in order to survive. Brain tumours on the other hand cannot metabolize ketones produced by the body during the metabolic state of ketosis like the healthy cells can. So according to studies, the ketones are the excellent source of energy and neurons which is produced in the human body during the low glucose condition. Consuming a diet containing an adequate amount of proteins, healthy fats, and low carbohydrates triggers ketone production and can starve off malignant cell growth. A ketogenic diet reduces oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain and shuts down the nutrient supply to tumours.

Calorie Restriction

One also needs to go for some dietary restrictions when it comes to this disease. It is actually a therapeutic approach with similar anti carcinogenic properties like ketogenic diet. Calorie restrictions can also reduce inflammation and also prevents cancer metastasis and it inhibits cancer cells from proliferating.

Be Wary of Mobile Devices

The electromagnetic field emitted by cell phones is categorized as a possible human carcinogen and it has been authorised by the World Health Organization (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Radiofrequency originates from both the device and the battery as it has been found in one study and it has a huge negative impact on the survival rate of brain tumour patients.

Always remember that chemotherapy and radiation is a part of the treatment and they are harmful as well. One has to have proper sleep to give the brain cells some rest.
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