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The reserves of the Akmola gold mines turned out to be more significant than expected

RG Gold company, controlled by BulatUtemuratov's investment group Verny Capital, invested more than $30 million in the development of Akmola gold deposits. Investors are confident about the perspectives of Severny and YuzhnyiRaigorodok mines, from the depth of which, starting from 2015, gold miners manage to get more than 1 ton of precious metal per year.

The main investments were spent on geological exploration of mines, as well as the creation of infrastructure. Before RG Gold LLP owned the mines, they gave their previous owners only half of the gold mined nowadays (500-550 kg). The increase of productivity became possible thanks to the construction of a third crushing and agglomeration complex.

It is impossible to see gold with your naked eye in the ore of Akmolinsk deposits – its concentration is low, a maximum is 1.80 gr. in 1 ton of rock. Only thanks to the modern technologies it is possible to extract this noble metal on an industrial scale. The task of gold miners is to maximize ore processing volumes. In 2017, RG Gold company managed to process more than 1 million and 300 thousand tons of rock, from which 1024 kg of gold was extracted.

Based on the results of massive exploration activities, which are still ongoing, the estimated reserves of gold amounted to more than 100 tons. The expected lifespan of the deposit is not less than 25 years. Taking into account the optimistic results of geological surveys, Utemuratov Investment Company is planning further development of the production complex of the quarry.

Until 2021, it is planned to put a modern mining and processing complex into operation, all the works on the creation and launch of which may cost the investor up to $250 million. It is assumed that by that time the extraction at the level of the weathering crust will finish – at a depth of 100 m, then the processing of primary ore will begin. For the processing of oxidized ores in Severny and YuzhnyiRaigorodok quarries, a leaching method using sodium cyanide is used. When the quarry is depleted, gold miners predict a shift towards mine production.

 Exploratory drilling shows that in the deep layers the content concentration of gold is higher, that is why its production even at additional costs will be profitable. With the beginning of primary ore mining, RG Gold company management expects to produce 3.5 to 6 tons of gold annually. According to experts, another investment project of BulatUtemuratov is one of the most promising tender in Kazakhstan in the field of gold mining.

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