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Taking your business online – tips for success to accessing the global market

Recent research has shown that businesses and individuals alike are spending more and more time in their digital worlds – according to the MIT Technology Review, the average American adult spends 24 hours a week online. With all that content and access to sites based literally all over the world, it seems obvious that this should be the medium you turn to grow and develop your business.

The rise of Social Media

One of the fastest growing mediums online is, of course social media. Many businesses now have accounts from Twitter and Facebook through to YouTube and Instagram. Whilst larger businesses and multinationals will have departments tasked to managing these accounts and their content, or indeed employ agencies to take on this task for them, smaller business may not have the spending power. Being mindful of your brand message, and the content and regularity of what you post to social media can have hugely positive (and negative) effects on your businesses reach and engagement with your target audience.

Recruiting and sourcing in an online world

The likelihood is, that like you, your ideal supplier is looking for clients, just like you, online and spending their time building their business base and turning themselves into a global organisation. With the rise of the digital world, there are now platforms providing strategic sourcing solutions which can link into those businesses and help you to become a truly global player in an ever-increasing global marketplace. Specialist procurement or sourcing websites, for example, offer multiple products and platforms that can be used individually or in tandem with each other to maximise your ability to make the right deal for your business and therefore increase productivity and/or profit margin. Similarly, managing your recruitment processes and HR compliance can be made simpler by utilising online solutions and CRM systems.

Global access through web-based clients

With access across the world, meaning your business follows you wherever you go, an online solution really is the modern way to do business and with embedded features to manage your entire project from conception to completion, it’s likely to save you money and time too.

One such site is Scanmarket. Scanmarket offers a strategic sourcing solution, with tools to help you manage your entire sourcing process. From the eRFx solution, offering compliance, efficiency and process improvements right through the e-auction process to the client management system once your new suppliers are on-boarded, Scanmarket is entirely customisable to suit your needs.

So, next time you are looking for your next supplier, will it be with online or the more traditional methods?
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