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7 Effective Tips to Welcome A New Employee on Board

The task of filling a vacancy is more than just hiring a candidate. There are some small yet crucial things that need to be done to make the new joinee feel comfortable in their new work environment. These small things include giving them the required training, helping them out with fitting into the company’s framework, helping them in understanding their new work and introducing them to staff.
Apart from all these things, welcoming the newbie is also important to make them feel valued and familiar with the existing members.

So, in this article, we have mentioned some tips on how to welcome a new employee in an effective way. Read along and get some ideas that will help you welcome a new member in your office with some flair!

1.       Set up a process for new employees

The first impression is the last impression and when we talk about organisations it becomes a bit more crucial. A good impression of a company plays a vital role in retaining an employee for a long time.  And to ensure the continuation of that good impression, a company must have a system for everything and for everyone.

The first 3 months in a new workplace can either make or break the deal. So, create a systematic process for new employees. A process in place will help them adjust in their new environment easily.

2.       Complete the paperworkbeforehand

As it is, the first day can be a bit daunting for the new employee. So, ensure that you don't bombard them with a lot of paperwork on the very first day. Instead, aim to get the paperwork out of the way beforehand or maybe at a later date. The first day can then be dedicated to explaining how the training process will roll out, what their duties are, introducing them to the department they will be associated with and conveying the expectations of the company.

You can also do things like setting up their work email and recording their details in the employee database.

3.       Get their workspace ready

Most new employees spend half of their first day waiting in the meeting room of the company because their work station isn’t decided yet. Or even if it is decided, it’s not ready with all the essential equipmentsuch as their laptop, office phone etc.

In their training period they may be required to take note of some points, so do not forget to provide them with the company notepad and a branded penor two.  This small preparation will save their time and get them all preppedto work.

4.       Take them out for lunch

Sharing a meal is always a good idea to start a relationship between people. Take your new employees out for lunch not just to introduce them with the eateries near your office but also to spend time with them and to get familiar.  It is beneficial for both parties as itwill ease their nerves.

5.       Familiarise them with company policies and internal tools

As a new member, a new employee wouldn’t know the company’s custom and rules. So help them get an understanding ofsuchinternal tools and policies. This may include maintaining of attendance sheet, understanding of the payroll system, protocols for check-in and check-out, and making entries in employee database etc.  Also, give them an idea about company structure for bonuses, leave policies, pay, compensation and overtime. The awareness of these things will help them work in a better way.

6.       Regular follow up can help

New employees work well in their training period only if you maintain a regular follow up with them. It helps them get the hang of the new process easily. It also helps you to take note of their work performancethroughout their probation period and decide whether you should give them their confirmation letter by the end of itor extend the on-goingtraining.

You can also ask them questions like ‘Do you like your new job’, ‘what do you like the most in your job’, ‘are you comfortable with your surroundings’ etc. to help them improve their performance and also to understand if there’s something lacking from your end.

We are quite sure these tips will not only make the freshly recruited candidate well settled in their new job, but also increase their familiarity with the rest of the staff.

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