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When social media attention goes wrong

Attention is the major goal when you talk about publicity. It is never bad to stand out and give your bold opinions about matters which are quite sensitive. Most of the times your opinion is genuinely supported by the social media audience but there might come an hour where your luck ditches you and fall for the anger and frustration of an infuriated mob.

There comes a time when your participation in the commentary of worldly matters is not accepted.

Your popularity and the successful buzz created might shut down. This is a disaster for every socially active person. Like disasters, it comes unannounced.

Why social media attention goes wrong? Following are some most confronted facts from which lead to a negative social media attention.

1. Irrational talks: With the power of social media you can utilize your fame and slogan and convey your words to every corner of the world. However, if you are not well-aware of its strength then it is likely to become a dangerous sport. One must talk to the point. Most of the people do the mistake of giving irrational talks which not only irritates the audience but also creates a mess among the followers. Since you are someone with many followers it is your responsibility to provide quality explanations and reasoning.

2. Interference in political and religious matters: Your followers are highly sensitive about their religion, political aspects and country. Try not to dwell in these matters. Your followers belong to different school of thoughts. If you support one the other might become angry.

Similarly, you can’t raise any issue against a religion, political interest or on military issues of a county. This will create a nuisance and will immediately give your image a dark repelling paint.

3. Supporting a negative cause: There is always something happening around the world. From very positive acts to extreme negative and filthy ones. One must not even mistakenly support any illegal and inhumane acts.

This is a permanent closure to your business. Such matters are rarely forgotten by the public. Issues related to humanity, child abuse, sexual harassments, terrorist attacks and mass killings are very sensitive yet viral issues. Wandering around these issues can put you in serious trouble.

How to get rid of negative media attention? Whatever happened is now irreversible. You can’t go back and put everything in its place.

 However, you can make things better and bring ease in your social media life. As per Roger from Ed Cal Media Agency adopt the following three ideas and you will find matters settling down.

1. Carry on calmly: There is no use to sit in the state of shock and wonder what just happened. Keep your nerves calm. And continue doing what you were doing. Don’t continue or repeat the same mistake because of course there is no margin for that. Whatever routine you have on social media carry it on. Post blogs, vlogs, photos, content, videos etc.

2. Post relevant content: Stick to your lane. Post material which belongs to your field or niche. You can make a comment or two about the current affairs going on around the world but your majority interest must lie in your own work. Engage your audience with your posts. Keep them involved so that they may know that even after the disaster you are standing strong.

3. Admit and apologize: This can be a game changer. Since the followers were not happy with your act thus, you should first admit your mistake and take a bold step to apologize. This will not only leave a soft corner for you in their hearts but also help in settling down the matters with double speed.
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