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The 5 Most Popular TV Lawyers of All Time

For most of us, law in real life is downright boring but onscreen, it has a way of indulging it’s audience and we would be lying if we said we weren’t addicted to a legal drama or two…

We love it when the showdown happens, and lawyers go toe to toe in the courtroom, and what makes this even more amazing is the actors who bring the characters to life. The power of justice is in the capable hands of these highly educated individuals and Hollywood does justice to it by presenting these legal experts in the most dynamic way.

So, this post is dedicated to 5 highly popular lawyers on TV. If you haven’t watched them in action, it’ about time that you did!

1.      Harvey Specter – Suits

Harvard Law School graduate Harvey Specter has left a blazing trail with his larger than life reputation as the “best closer in New York City.” He is an asset to his firm because he always comes through no matter what. An influential and playful charmer, Harvey is someone who manages to be right every goddamn time. People in his firm respect him for what he is capable of – he is funny, smart, sarcastic and a badass through and through! Harvey Specter is ‘the man with the plan’ in every sense and you wouldn’t want anybody else on your side.

Harvey along with his faithful sidekick Mike Ross takes on both the good and the bad and has a glowing track record to show for it. Watch Suits to experience the awesomeness of Harvey Specter onscreen.

2.     Louis Litt – Suits

Another lawyer to make it to our list from Suits is Louis Litt who has both the talent and ego to challenge Harvey Specter. His knowledge of the law is impressive and the way he controls and commands the associates at his firm is brilliant. Although he has been the cause of several headaches to Harvey and his associate Mike Ross the fact that he is a valuable asset to his firm cannot be denied. His infamous bullying persistence earned him the respect of his fellow partners and a worthy mention in our list.

3.     Gomez Addams – The Addams Family

That’s right; the madcap, sporty and borderline insane billionaire of the much-loved comic strip and sitcom was a lawyer. It wasn’t very obvious to us initially when we were compiling this list and for good reason as all of us can agree that a good deal of Addams’ unforgettable qualities have no connection with a courtroom whatsoever.

However, the fact that his official job was that of a lawyer remains unchanged. You’d sure as hell want to be represented by this guy because he was just lucky with things! Irrespective of how out of control the situation went, it almost always worked out in his favour.

4.     Ally McBeal - Ally McBeal

Calista Flockhart played the lead role in Ally McBeal before becoming Mrs. Harrison Ford. The comedy drama aired on TV from 1997 to 2002 and set one of the strongest examples of a young and strong female professional. Ally’s courtroom battles often helped bring order to the chaos that her private life was. The series aired a total of 112 episodes and a surplus of 13 half hour long shows that were presented in a sitcom format called ‘Simply Ally.’

5.     Marshall Eriksen - How I Met Your Mother

Marshall Eriksen is probably more famous for his role in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ as a part of the hilarious group of friends but it doesn’t changes the fact that he is a determined lawyer with a big heart and the ability to make us all roar with laughter. What gave him a spot on our list is his unflinching passion for his career as a lawyer along with his love for food, dancing and game night. Marshall makes us see the real reason behind people choosing law as their career and he certainly sets a good example of how the job is not everything it may look like. He is kind and caring and wants to do good in the world by saving the environment. What’s not to love?

So be it making a Will or getting out of a tight spot, these people would be our go-to lawyers. If only all of them were real… Though it’s just as well as we would certainly be stuck for choice!
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