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Robert Simonds’ Trailblazing Approach to Filmmaking

In Hollywood, Robert Simonds is a celebrated name. From producing global hits like The Pink Panther, to swooping billions on the box office with Adam Sandler, he has given the audiences a taste of fine filmmaking. He is attributed to be one of the most successful producers globally, with his films making over $ 6 Billion cumulatively.

 After working in the American Film Industry for 22 years, he has now set out to revolutionize the entertainment sector with a unique and all-encompassing production concept. In 2014, Simonds along with TPG Growth’s Managing Partner Bill McGlashan launched STX Entertainment. While the industry had mixed expectations from this venture, STX has proven to be a major name with many successful projects under its belt.

The Idea behind STX Entertainment

According to a piece featured on Robert Simonds in Variety, his goal for STX Entertainment is a cross platform expansion into emerging global markets. Since its inception, the company has been clear about its objective. STXfilms, STXtelevision, STXdigital, STXsurreal and STXinternational are the various divisions under which the firm engages in creating, marketing and global distribution of high quality content.

Soon after the launch, the company secured investments from various organizations and individuals including Chinese private equity firm Hony Capital, Gigi Pritzker, and William “Beau” Wrigley, Jr. II. STX Entertainment also bagged further strategic investment from PCCW, Tencent Holdings and others in 2016.

Assembling the Best in Industry

After the announcement, the entire Hollywood was wondering, “Can Bob Simonds make STX Entertainment be the next major studio in Hollywood?” Simonds took the mantle of the firm as the Chairman and CEO, and his executive team has an equally impressive resume as well. Apart from Simonds and McGlashan, the management of the company features former Thomas B. McGrath who is the former COO of Viacom Entertainment Group, Crest Animation’s former CEO Noah Fogelson, and former Universal Pictures chairman Adam Fogelson. Oren Aviv, former Disney and Fox production and marketing chief, Discovery Communication’s former CFO Andrew Warren, and former communications head of Paramount Pictures and Condé Nast, Patricia Röckenwagner have also joined the team.

The Response So Far

From the beginning, Bob Simonds was clear about the type of movies he wanted to make under STXfilms. He chose to bring big stars in medium budget films, which meant more projects every year. An article on Robert Simonds in Variety mentions that the studio plans to release around 10 star-studded movies every year.

In the last 4 years, not only has the company reached net worth of $ 3.5 Billion, it has managed to please the audiences with hits like I Feel Pretty starring Amy Schumer, Molly’s Game starring Academy Award nominee Jessica Chastain, and Amazon Studios Collaboration Gringo.

Considering the trailblazing approach and immense success of Bob Simonds, it will be exciting to see what he brings to us next!
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