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What Are The Most Common Injuries You Can Get As A Pedestrian?

Pedestrian accidents are accidents that involve a vehicle and a pedestrian. These are common accidents that usually happens around busy streets in most cities. Many types of pedestrian accidents may lead to different kinds of injuries as well.

The following are the most common injuries that you can get as a pedestrian. If you have any of these injuries as a result of a pedestrian accident, it’s important to contact an attorney to help you recover compensation.

Broken bones

Broken bones or fractures are the most common type of injury you can get from a pedestrian accident.
  1. Broken bones are extremely painful and may take some time before it can be fully healed. Depending on the severity of your fractures, you may need to be hospitalized for a long time, which will force you to be out of work for a couple of months until you are fully recovered.
  2. The medical expenses for treating broken bones can also be very expensive, and if you add in the rehabilitation costs, your bills will easily become out of reach.
The worst thing that can happen to you is if the fracture has rendered you permanently disabled which may lose your way of living and change the way you live your life.

Brain trauma

Brain trauma is the worst type of injuries you can get from a pedestrian accident. These injuries are often catastrophic and have long-term effects on the victim.
  1. If a pedestrian’s head hits a car, a wall, or the road, it will most likely lead to concussion if the impact is too strong.
  2. The impact can lead to serious brain injuries, which can have long-lasting effects on the pedestrian.
  3. Traumatic brain injuries can leave pedestrians with long-lasting disabilities that can significantly affect how they live their lives.
  4. These type of injuries also require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation which can lead to outrageous expenses.
Spinal cord injuries 

Spinal cord injuries are just like brain traumas, they too can have lifelong effects on the victim and often leads to permanent disabilities. The worst that can happen to you if you sustained a spinal cord injury because of a pedestrian accident is paralysis.

Other Types of Injuries

Aside from the injuries mentioned above, pedestrian accidents can also lead to cuts, laceration, bruises, internal injuries, swelling, hemorrhage, torn ligaments, and scrapes.

If you got yourself seriously injured because of a pedestrian accident, it’s important to seek medical attention right away. Do not let the high cost of treating these injuries to prevent you from seeking proper medical assistance. Keep in mind that your health means everything to you, so worry about your injuries first before worrying about the medical bills.

If you were involved in a pedestrian accident that’s not your fault, you can seek the services of an injury attorney to help you receive proper compensation for your losses and so you can pay for your medical expenses. This way, you’ll be able to fully recover from your injuries and get your life back again.

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