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What You Need To Know About OCBC Unit Trusts

OCBC or “Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd” is one of the most successful financial service organization. They have offices all over the world including Philippines, Dubai, China, Europe, Indonesia, and so much more. One of their fastest-growing branches is in Malaysia.
Unit Trust Malaysia for investment

OCBC Malaysia offers deposits as well as withdrawal accounts that would be best for your everyday transactions. They also have long-term savings as well as Islamic accounts, depending on your preference. One of the most sought-after offers that OCBC Malaysia offers is their Unit Trust.

All About Unit Trust

OCBC Unit Trust is a huge amount of money that is being managed fund managers. When you purchase some trust units, your money will be put together with the other investors and will be invested accordingly to the objectives of the trust. So when you purchase and invest an amount of money in a Malaysia fund, your money will be invested in available opportunities just within Malaysia.

How To Effectively Invest In OCBC Unit Trust

If you are interested in the OCBC Unit Trust, there are different ways for you to invest your money. Here are some examples of how to effectively invest in the Unit trust:

       The Lump Sum. this is when you make a “one-time, big-time” investment and go big on the market.
       The OCBC Stabiliser Programme. This is when your one-time investment will be spread through a 6-month or a 12-month period. With this option, you will receive a 3% cash bonus after your investment term. This is also very convenient since you will be able to choose the type of fund.
       The Monthly Investments. This is when you make regular investments like a monthly RM100. This is by far the most popular among the three choices when it comes to Unit Trust. There is a reason why this is the most chosen option. It is affordable because of its initial investment that can be as low as RM2,000. If you decide to discontinue your investment plan, you can do so without paying any penalties. You will also be the one to decide how much should you invest each month. And this investment amount will be deducted automatically.

How To Invest In Unit Trust?

If you think OCBC Unit Trust is worth a try, all you need to do is consult one of the financial consultants at OCBC. They will be able to provide you with a 100% Free financial advice that will take into consideration your goals and the risks that you are about to take. But with these meetings, there will be obligations.
Why Choose OCBC Personal Banking?

There might be a long list of banks in Malaysia, but OCBC has it all. You don't need to look further. If you are still in doubt, they have financial consultants who would be able to help you decide. When you have the urge to invest, do so and trust that Unit Trust Malaysia for investment will be one of the best decisions. Investing your money in something that you are sure of is one way to ensure the future for you and your family.

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