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What is Maxoptra all about?

Maxoptra is a software that offers dynamic cloud-based delivery planning and multi drop optimization facility to its customers. It has excellent features such as affordability, ease of using and high level of customization. The main motive of the software is to allow the companies to do maximum business with limited resources and low operation costs.

Maxoptra can be accessed from any web browser across the world 24 X 7. This means any new functionality reaches the subscribers almost immediately and that too without any extra cost of up gradation.

Features of Maxoptra
  1. Ideal Plans
This intelligent route planning and optimization software lets its customers design the most ideal route plans for their work, either automatically or manually. What is even better is that they can make real time adjustments to these routes, even after the runs have already started.
  1. Track Schedules
With the Maxoptra Field service software, you can also keep a close track of the schedules. These schedules can also be changed and shared with the workforce on their mobile phones in real time. This means you can keep a check on job status and progress on every step.
  1. Get Complete Control
Get complete control of the situations with Maxoptra Routing and Scheduling software. You can get complete information about the proceedings of the day and then compare the original schedules with the planned schedules and find out why there were lags, if any.
  1. Multi drop delivery tool
The multi drop delivery tool makes the drops effective and cost efficient. You need to enter all the drop points and the volume of orders and then review the schedules that are proposed. All this allows the users to make a cost effective route plan and thus, use the transport resources that are available, to the maximum.
  1. Calculate ETA (Estimated time of arrival)
The Maxoptra route optimization software allows the customers to calculate the estimated time of arrival, based on a number of factors. They are also allowed real time visibility of what is actually happening on the road. Customers also receive automatic notifications via email or text.
  1. Management of delivery
Maxoptra Delivery Route Planning Software serves as a perfect tool for the dispatchers to increase their overall efficiency. The customers get a clear visibility of the location of the vehicle on the road and they can then compare it with their planned routes. This helps to analyze the overall situation and then make any improvements that are required. The open API of Maxoptra makes it easier to integrate it with any device that the customer has.
  1. Logistics Management
It is also an intelligent Logistics software solution that has been designed for all the kind of transportation companies, whether big or small. The logistics planning software of the company offers a wide range of tools such as vehicle tracking, delivery route planner, mobile app etc.

Industries that benefit from Maxoptra :
  • Furniture
  • Food
  • Wholesale
  • Distribution
  • Home delivery
  • Field Service companies.
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