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Wedding Pictures

Wedding pictures are a staple activity for marriages, which is one of the most important cultural markers to communities around the world. It has taken many forms with a wide range of rituals associated with the event over the history of humanity. Photography began in the late 1800s and quickly became a focal point of wedding days because of this long lasting cultural importance.

Wedding pictures have shown a great deal of change since their beginnings. This is an inevitable occurrence for something that is so strongly linked to technology. Poses used were extremely important because each picture was very important. Photos took an extremely long time to take and process, and were overall a great deal more expensive than they are today.

Wedding pictures have expressed similar style changes to photography as a whole. New technology has allowed pictures to be taken candidly in the flash of an eye. The overall expression of photography has similarly changed. These capabilities have allowed more artistic and personal expression to shine through.
  • Traditional style would replicate the old days, with rigid poses and individuals in their most expensive clothing.
  • Photojournalism style developed with the ease of taking pictures in the 1990s. This style aims to be invisible to the couple to catch them candidly in their most meaningful interactions.
  • Fashion-based approach is a progression of those two styles combined, where the natural happenings will be tweaked by suggestion of the photographer to create the best resulting photo out of a candid action.
  • Studio photography is more of a throwback to classic style, but is more inclusive. The couple will be assisted with their clothing and photos remain on-site, rather than taking classic poses outdoors or to a church.

Wedding pictures are commonly a combination of much of these styles. Photographers are skilled and producing images that will best satisfy the desire of the bride and groom, while also pleasing the viewer. The industry itself is the most lucrative in the field of photography. It accounts for about 10% of a wedding budget on average. The candid, light hearted feel of wedding pictures we commonly see today represents contemporary photography overall.

Wedding pictures continue to move with the trends, and most recently, have taken a back seat to video in weddings for some couples. High quality images generally outpace high quality video, but now that HD video can be captured with a reasonably priced camera, many photographers offer this option. The capabilities of HD video today as such that still frames from video are of high enough quality to meet the needs of most people. With the growing presence of video for means of communication, it could be that one day soon, it is rare for a couple to want pictures from their wedding.
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