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Unconventional Jewellery Ideas

We all love to accessorise but not all of us are lovers of bling. Some prefer hard metals like silver or platinum, some go for elegant pearls and then there are some who are gypsies at heart and love all things tribal. For those with a gypsy soul, let us replenish your wardrobe with similar accessories.
Of course one need not be gypsy spirited to have a look at the gorgeous tribal collection handmade by the designers at Make Vana. One can always add another dimension to their jewellery box.

Here are some pieces that are a must have!
Oxidised Tribal Statement Necklace and Ear Piece
This set of pendant and ear piece is a perfect style statement. Made in unique tribal shapes with a tear drop stone embossed in the centre of the piece, this single piece necklaces graces the neck beautifully and goes great with long skirts and tank tops. Accessorise it for a casual bonfire evening with your friends. Make Vana’s handmade oxidised tribal statement necklace set is a must have.
Oxidised Single Pendant
For those who prefer a singular pendant in their neck pieces and are not much of ear ring people, the handmade oxidised single pendant necklace by Make Vana is a good choice. Weaved in the signature black thread which boasts of all things tribal, this piece with its intricate weaving in the pendant piece itself, has a rustic look and a very boho feel to it. Pair it with tank top and a jeans to get that perfect look.
Layered Necklace Set
One of the most unique and rare variety in the tribal collection is the layered necklace piece. This intricate handmade piece has two necklace merged in one in the form of layers. One closer to neck and the other longer. Together they form a magical impact. Wear it with an off shoulder or a tube top so that it complements your neck beautifully.
Pearl Beaded Necklace
If you are one of the gypsy princess category then you prefer pearls even in your tribal jewellery. Thankfully for you and others of your king Make Vana has a gorgeous Pearl Beaded Tribal Necklace which is handmade and crafted down to the tiniest details to adorn your exquisite neck. Pair it up with your body fitting evening gown and woe the crowd without so much as lifting a finger.
From pendants to choker. From long necklaces to layered ones. Whatever may be your choice. The designers at Make Vana have done a fabulous job in bringing to you some of the finest silver kids jewellery collection which will otherwise be hard to find. So go ahead and take a look at their collection. You will definitely find something worth your while.
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