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The comfortness of potatoes

Potato is a very comfort food for Indians. Indian farmers grow potatoes in abundance and as a result, when it comes to Indian cooking one can get to see a lot of use of potatoes.

From snacks to main dishes and from street foods to delicacies; everything has a bit of potato in it. Here are some popular dishes.

This is commonly known as the Indian form of Burger and is a famous snack available in this country. A spicy and deep fried chunk of potato is wrapped in thick square bread and served with spicy sauces and chutney. It is a famous street food sold by every street side vendors and the most popular evening tit bit.

Yes, this is the most popular snack in all parts of India. Each state has a local flavour added to it. No one can ever hold the temptation of having these spicy potato stuffed patties. The potato is boiled and spices are added to it and then stuffed into patty patterned dough before frying deep in hot oil. This street food is indeed delicious.

Dum Aloo
In Bengal, this dish is famously known as Aloor Dum. This Aloor Dum is generally simple and very lightly spiced. On the other hand, the one which is prepared in Punjab has very thick and tangy gravy which is full of tomatoes and it also has a use of Indian spices in it. In the state of Uttar Pradesh the dish is famously known as Mughlai Dum Aloo and it is a very hot and spicy version of this dish.

This specific recipe is an all-time hit during winters. But there are other variations of dumaloo available as well which the unique combinations of various spices are. One can get a variety of dumaloo recipes in Hindi in cook book and try them at home. The basic ingredients mostly remain the same but the combination of local spices and way of cooking make it taste different.

Aloo Mutter
Eating healthy does not mean you have to compromise with the quantity of the food. It is also about eating well. Potato or aloo is a comfort food for every Indians. Cut the oil and add some green peas to the dish which will add on to the fibre content of it making it a proper and healthy dish to serve.

AlooTikki is a street food mostly famous in all parts of India. This one is mouth -watering, made from mashed potatoes, chillies, a bit of spice and then fried deep in oil. Mostly they are served with spicy green and red chutneys. One can also have aloo chat which is also made from mashed potatoes and mixed with spices and this one is also a street food variation.

French Fries
This is nothing but sliced potatoes deep fried in oil. This is a perfect mood up lifter and a companion when one is having party with friends or a movie session.

These dishes can be easily made at home.
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