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How to Deal with Mechanical Breakdown When in Vehicle Rental

When you're on the road, the last thing you want to happen is to encounter mechanical problems. They're vexing. They're a waste of time. Quite simply, they are not what you wish to happen even in broad daylight. It would be ok if the problems occur on your own car. However, it's a totally different story when the problems transpired on a rented vehicle. You'll most certain to prepare loads of reasonable explanations to your agent.

The fact that you have scribbled a signature on an agreement means that when something happens, you'll take the liability. Unless the problems are simple, you might need to call for backup. This is one reason why when people take a wypożyczalnia samochodów Poznań (car rental), it takes time for them to come up with a decision since they'll have to check every part and surface. Besides, who would want to be charged higher fees. Assuming that the car issues transpired unexpectedly, the initial thing to do is to stay calm.

Don't Panic

The number one rule is to avoid bursting your bad temper. You can verbally blame anyone – even yourself.  But remember that you're still stuck on the road. If you're still not far from the rental site, contact your agent to tow the vehicle. When you've driven miles away from the city perhaps, go take a look at the source of the problem. Think of your possible solutions next.


When you're mechanically inclined and proficient, assess your situations. How far are you from a repair shop? Do you believe that the issue is way too much to handle on your own? Are your tools and materials complete? When the problem seems simple, solve it. But the quickest and most effective approach is to consult a certified and licensed mechanic. It might do harm than good should you try to meddle in things you're not 100% good at.

Take Pictures

It might be too late to do this, but taking some photo and videos will serve as evidence when an investigation will proceed in the future. Also, doing this would make it easier to determine who should be responsible for the problem. Go check your agreement too. It might state some problems which might occur that you probably have missed or overlooked.

As we've seen in some past cases, it could be impossible to detect problems and protect yourself when something bad happens to a car. The only difference is, the amount of time and attention you invest in examining a vehicle. You can have a better control of the situations when you learn the rules, examine a vehicle and document everything
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