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Hazards of Tree Removal

We’ve all seen those YouTube videos. Some poor fool doesn’t do things properly and gets a tree limb speared through his roof, or his SUV’s windshield. So what if you have a wooden behemoth to get rid of but don’t want property damage (or internet mockery)? Here are some important hazards to look out for when removing or considering removing a tree.
Proper Equipment
It’s common to hire a professional arborist (a tree surgeon) to carry out such a job, and if you want to do it yourself you should always be as prepared and as careful as they are. Most arborists have pulleys and ropes, head-to-toe protection, chainsaws, wood chipper and usually cranes. If you can’t get most of this, it’s not recommended to try cutting that thing down yourself.

Power Lines
When dealing with trees, often you are at a dangerous height. Not only because of gravity, but because of electricity. Power lines can often pass by trees, and you should always be wary of them. If you are working near a power line, make sure to regard them as always being live. If equipment or you touch the lines, you could not only get seriously electrocuted but knock out the power in your area. Safety first!

Cutting off branches seems like a simple concept, but there’s a lot more difficulty involved. First of all, don’t underestimate the weight of a tree’s branches. If landing in the wrong place, it can cause serious property damage. Secondly, you must be careful of where you land the branches. Often branches can bounce or curve mid-air and not go where you may expect. Arborists usually use ropes and pulleys to guide branches to the ground safely.

The Fall
This part may seem obvious, but it’s the most vital part of the process to remember. When cutting down the whole tree, be constantly aware of your surroundings and the damages it can cause. You can guide a tree’s fall by carefully indenting the base of the trunk or again using a series of ropes to navigate it to a safe landing. However, gravity doesn’t always occur in your favour, so always remain vigilant and assess if removing the tree is worth the risk.

Dangerous Tools
A tool such as the chainsaw is a very common choice for tree surgery, and while it may seem cool, you can seriously injure yourself if you don’t use such a hazardous utility with extreme care. If not properly trained it’s not recommended to try and use a chainsaw in awkward angles or on a ladder. Research the proper usage and take the process slowly and with great awareness.

With all this said, it’s recommended to hire a professional tree surgeon to carry out such a dangerous task. However if you do wish to take on the wooden beast we would implore you to do as much research as possible, obtain proper clothing and equipment, be aware of the risks and generally know the full process back-to-back before attempting it. Either way, make sure your house or car is insured!  
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