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Food Delivery Service Available in Canada

With a hurried lifestyle, we typically just grab something “to go” from a drive-through restaurant on our way to work, for lunch, and even for dinner.  This sort of diet is not healthy for anyone in the long haul.  Fast food and other dining facilities often use pre-fabricated meals that are full of sodium and cholesterol and lacking in the proper nutrients our bodies crave for healthy development. 

Fortunately, there are several home food delivery services that are becoming available, with the opportunity to purchase pre-made, healthy, home cooked meals that you order online and chefs prepare for you with easy to follow instructions on finalizing the meal or for to heat it for your consumption. 

Culiniste Food Delivery service

For instance, there is the “Culiniste” website, located in Montreal; in which has a group of in-house chefs prepare and design a new menu each week, along with fresh ingredients and recipes cards which will make preparing meals so easy.  Also, by allowing the experts at Culiniste do the shopping, you are guaranteed much fresher food than you would get shopping at the supermarket.  Delivering throughout Quebec and Ontario, meal dishes such as Shrimp and Linguine Fra Diavolo, and Moo Shoo vegetable wraps. 

The Jolly Table

This food delivery service is located in Calgary, delivering anywhere to customers throughout Canada, however, free delivery service to the residents of Calgary.  Chef’s from the Jolly Table design various recipe options each week with one-time orders as wells as subscription orders available.  Customers will receive their fresh food delivered in a cooler box, in the exact measurements and amounts needed for each meal that is ordered’ with an assortment of meals available such as “Brandy Peppercorn Steak,” and “Coconut Curry Fish and potatoes”. 

Chef’s Plate

This food delivery service is in Toronto, delivering food items that have fresh ingredients in a refrigerated box to keep the items fresh even if it is delivered while you are away from home.   Chef’s Plate food delivery stresses the importance of what is local and seasonal food; ensuring to develop good relationships between butchers, fish-mongers, and farms that is locally and family run.  You will find such meals as “Cornmeal Crusted Fish Tacos,” “Malaysia Curry Laksa”, and “Havarti stuffed Chicken Supreme.”  Chef’s Plate delivers all over Ontario. 


Then there is the food delivery service of Chefx, delivering food and home cooked meals throughout Ottawa; specializing in their “Gourmet Recipe Kits”.  Just as the other delivery services, you can purchase as a one-time order; or, you can purchase a subscription to order on a weekly basis.  Every week, Chefx offers a new recipe, with pre-portioned servings that can be changed to suit the number of people who will be eating the meal.  Just a sampling off the menu is the “Pan-Seared Chicken Breast with Mushroom Sherry Cream Sauce and Wilted Winter Greens.”  As an added bonus, Chefx has suggestions for wine that will go with each dinner ordered. 

This is just a small sampling of some of the home food and meal delivery services available for the Canadian areas. 

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