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Momos–An Incredible Delicacy for All Foodies

Maybe you know that all good things come in small packets and this sentence can be justified with the flavourful, soft, and fluffy steamed finger foods. It has multiple names, such as dumplings, momo, wontons or dim sum. They hold superb and delicious taste.

Dumplings have originated from Chinese cuisine. Chinese dumplings are made by filling the skin of dough with meat, chicken, shrimps, fish, and vegetables. They are steamed in a specialized utensil that is made of bamboo. Such dumplings can either be deep-fried or pan-fried after being steamed.

Momo is the Chinese dumplings’ Tibetan version that is very famous in Sikkim, Nepal, and Bhutan. Momo is made in a similar manner like dumplings and clear soup and a red chilli-garlic sauce make great accompaniment with dumplings.

Dumplings and steamed momos make a healthy snack, as they have much lower fat and calories content, as compared to other fast foods. Momos have different variations and some of them are as follows:

Fried Momos: These scrumptious momos are filled with pepper seasoning and sautéed vegetables. Such crispy, deep-fried, and hot momos go best with hot chilli-garlic sauce and mayonnaise. You will get a perfect crunch when you take a bite of it.

Steamed Momos: Can you resist yourself from a full plate of hot steaming momos during cold winter evening? These superbly delicious half-moon shaped momos hold a thick wrapping accompanied with a juicy filling of paneer, soy chunks, and seasonal vegetables. Serve them with fiery chilli sauce or cool mint chutney.
Tandoori Momos: These momos are an appropriate treat for the desi taste buds. These super delicious and rich texture-based momos have become a delicious temptation. Such fusion experiment is very popular amongst momo lovers. A lot of restaurants offer veg or non-veg tandoorimomos.

Wheat Momos: It is an appropriate momo-meal for all the individuals, who are health conscious. As the name suggests, these momos are prepared with wheat. They make a great team with fiery chilli sauce to give an exciting flavour.

Soup Momos: You can enjoy momos accompanied with a hot bowl of soup. This incredible preparation is made with tangy and spicy vegetable or chicken broth. To enhance the flavour, piping hot momos are accompanied.

Kothe Momos: These momos are influenced by Indian and Tibetan cuisine. You will be glad to know that Himalayan food is very healthy and tasty. Such Himalayan pan-fried momos are filled with tempting vegetables. Accompanied with a charred crispy covering, Kothe Momos have come in different varieties – veggies, chicken, and pork to satisfy the taste buds.

Chocolate Momos: If you have not tasted these momos yet, then ready to explore a sweet-savoury surprise. The bitter-sweet flavour of chocolate and salty flavour of the wrap will blow your mind. All foodies will enjoy these succulent and juicy momos.

Some other popular momos are Paneer Momos, Cheese Momos, Chilly Momos, Keema Momos, Chicken Momos, etc. If you are searching for momos recipe in hindi, then you can follow various recipe websites. You can prepare these recipes in your home and surprise your friends and family.
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