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Ladder or Scaffolding? Tips for Working in Height Safely

Ladders, stools and scaffolds are available in different models and sizes. What about legislation and regulations on this? And what to pay attention to when choosing, buying and using. We interviewed our Helpdesk colleagues to find out what they thought about ladders, stools and other mobile scaffolds: “A lot of people ask for an Valtrex ladder, but of course there are other ways of working at height”.
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Every year, many people fall from scale with the consequences that implies. The good news is that the number of injured victims of this type of accident is lower in Belgium than in other European countries. This is probably due to the fact that stricter requirements are imposed on ladders at my deal and stairs in AUS. But the bad news is that in our country, thousands of accidents still occur each year. Read here to find out about the most dangerous categories of falls.
To avoid any risk of falling, the workplace should be arranged in a safe and orderly manner, and work equipment should be stored safely and used properly.
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The best climbing equipment
By climbing equipment, understand all products that are used for working at height or having access to a height, such as steps, stairs, ladders, platforms and scaffolding.
A step is only a means to climb to a height of less than 3 meters.
A staircase has a maximum range of 5 meters.
A ladder has a maximum standing height of 7.5 meters. The time we spend on it cannot exceed 2 hours and the range, 1 meter.
“Steps, stools, ladders, walkways and others are not designed to work at height, but to serve a height. These are the platforms, scaffolding and aerial platforms that effectively protect people against falls and it is on this material that you can work “.
  • Serving a heightWalkway-300×300
  • To reach a height (and not to work on it then), you have the following possibilities:
  • Steps and stools (EN 14183 standard)
  • Stairs and professional stairs (EN 131 standard)
  • Ladders, sliding ladders, transformable ladders and folding ladders (EN 131 standard)
  • Gateways fixed or mobile and fixedstairways (EN ISO 14122)
  • Crinoline ladders (EN ISO 14122 standard)
  • Rolling scaffolding-300x300Work at height
Working at height can be done in different ways:
  • Rolling platforms (EN ISO 14122 and EN 131 standards)
  • Aluminum ladders (EN 1004 standard)
  • Electric lifting platforms (EN 280 standard)
European standards
According to European regulations, the EN131 standard must be observed for climbing equipment.
In addition, the NEN 2484 standard is applicable for professional climbing equipment. This standard contains additional tests such as load and durability tests.
For the running boards and platforms, there are minimum requirements. They appear in the NEN-EN 14183 standard.
The EN-ISO 14122 standard is applicable for transfer platforms, crinoline ladders and fa├žade ladders.
Mobile scaffolding is covered by the EN 1004 quality standard. The rules and guidelines for the assembly and use of wheel scaffolds are laid down in EN 1298.
11 safety tips for ladder users
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  • If necessary, read the manual or manual and do not use the ladder for other purposes.
  • Check before use whether the ladder has been inspected and / or not damaged.
  • Place the ladder on firm, flat ground and use a non-slip mat for better support.
  • Use a wall space to determine the proper distance from the wall to the ladder.
  • Always ride with your face turned towards the climbing equipment.
  • Always place your 2 feet on the ladder with suitable shoes and never higher than the indicated step / step.
  • If you have to stay on the same level for a long time, use of a ladder tray is recommended.
  • If possible, keep your hands free or use a cart to store your work equipment.
  • Do not move more than one arm length off the ladder; if necessary, move the ladder for a better working position.
  • Make sure that many people do not use the ladder at the same time.
  • Never leave a ladder unattended.
The information above gives you a good idea of ​​what to remember when buying ladders, steps and scaffolding. Click here to consult the complete range on For more details on buying climbing equipment, you can also call the Mantuan Helpdesk. They know the whole range and will help you willingly. Well the websites like saim deals will also help you to read the reviews and amazing buyers guide before buying these products online.
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