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How to speed up Joomla website

The website is important if you want to represent your business globally.  If we talk about the website then a site loading speed is the factor that is given top priority by the search engine and users.  Have you ever questioned yourself why speed is considered important? From SEO point of view, page loading time affects website performance in terms of rankings and conversion rate.

As per Google Webmaster Guidelines, loading speed is one of the best practices that help to get your site on the top. I bet you because of slow speed you must have left the site and you are not one who has experienced the same. There are multiple users who have experienced the same due to low speed of the website.

If you are facing the issue of slow website speed, then it is important to take corrective measures to improve the speed of a website before it affects your rankings and conversion rate.  Below mentioned are the some handpick points that will help you to know how you can speed up your Joomla website.

1) Select right hosting from a reputable provider:-

Website performance can get improved with the help of the hosting provider. If you are using a shared hosting provider,  then your website is shared with all other users and this might affect your loading speed. After experiencing low speed issue you can opt for VPS Server hosting for better performance. It is essential to select best Joomla hosting provider to meet the requirements like limited numbers of sites hosted on a single server, server hardware support, server caching support, etc.

2) Enable Joomla cache:-

You must be aware that website content does not get updated on a regular basis as compared to the blog. But Joomla cache theory is simple as it takes the copy of the whole page after its first load. This makes easy to upload the page with the same content and images whenever users browse your page multiple time. Therefore, it is crucial to set enable Joomla cache system. Just by following a few steps you can increase the speed of a site.

3) Optimization settings:- Optimized site is a symbol of good performance. There are certain things that require an optimization to improve your website speed. Below is some optimization that required to be utilized to speed up your website.

i)  Optimize the images and avoid using large pixel size images.
ii) Use a minimalist template for your website that will make easy browsing of the site.
iii) Try to minimize the sizes of CSS files.
iv) Always keep updated and most used plugins and modules.

4) Enable Gzip Compression:- 

With the help of Gzip compression, you can compress the website pages before sending to the users. After that, they automatically get uncompressed in the user's browser. However, this process takes less time than transferring uncompressed pages. In Joomla 3.x., Gzip compression is disabled. You have to enable it by following few simple steps.

5) Monitor the Joomla website speed:-

It is the major task that you have to perform before and after making the changes in your Joomla website. I am sure, you'll get shocked after checking the speed of your Joomla site. You can use free tools to check the speed of the website. One of very popular “Pingdom tool” is mostly used to check the speed of the site.

6) Use a CDN:-

A CDN is essential to deliver the content from the nearest server whenever a searcher performs the search. It is an interrelated system of proxy servers that are distributed globally and deployed in various data centres. With the help of CDN, you can shorten down the distance between server fetching the content and users who are receiving the data. In short, website performance improves with the help of CDN.

7) Opt for mobile friendly:-

Before designing the website was limited to desktop only, but later it has expanded and increased the demand for mobile devices. Due to increases in the higher mobile searches demand for mobile layout is also increased. Additionally, Google also gives first priority to the mobile-friendly website.

In the light of above mentioned key points, you must have got a clear picture of how to increase the speed of Joomla website. However, take time to study and select the best Joomla hosting provider who can meet your requirement. Have you tried other techniques which are not mentioned in the article to improve the speed of your Joomla site? Mentioned below in the comment section.

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