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Essential Dos and Don’ts to Handle Knee Pain

Life is pleasant when one does not have any pains or physical ailment. These troubles come about through injury or disease. You can get relief if you take the proper action at once. Here in this article, we see what one must do and not do when one has knee pain.

Handling knee pain

When one has knee pain, make sure you follow the best method. Check the list of Essential Dos and Don’ts for Knee Pain and follow them to get better relief.

Do follow these things:
  • RICE is essential.
  • Lose weight.
  • Use a walking stick.
  • Consider acupuncture.
  • Use shoes with cushioned insoles.
  • Keep an ice pack over the injury for the first 10-12 hours.
  • Get expert medical advice especially if the pain is new.
  • Do mild flexibility and strength building exercises.
  • Use knee braces to support your knee joint.
  • Take advice from the therapist and nutritionist apart from the physician.
  • Take all the prescribed medicines.
Don’t follow these things:
  • Don’t rest too much.
  • Don’t do things that can make you fall.
  • Don’t jar the joints with violent exercises.
  • Don’t ignore worsening conditions.
See that you use RICE when you have knee pain. You can see this in the list of dos for Knee Pain. It will help you much if you follow it. It is an acronym that stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Options for surgery

When you need surgery for treating knee pain, you have many options. One is the use of arthroscopy where the surgery takes place through a small hole in the knee. Since there are no huge cuts as is in the usual surgery, the patients recover faster. They experience lesser pain and so everyone prefers this method. At times, this may not be possible. Then you must opt for the regular surgery.

This is of two kinds – partial knee surgery and total knee surgery. When the tissues and bones of the knee have more damage you must have total knee replacement (TKR) surgery. But, if the damage to the tissues is low, then you can choose the partial knee replacement surgery. Here, the surgeon will remove the damaged ligaments and bone pieces. After this, they fit a partial knee to the leg of the patient.

High utility of TKR

You can have a TKR also. Instead of the partial knee, they put a full knee implant in place through surgery. The implant is of plastic and high strength metal. This will last for 15-20 years if not longer. So, most patients only need one surgery in their lifetime. There is one shortcoming in this. The shape of the knee for the male and female is different.

Until now, they used the same implant for both sexes. The new technology uses different implants designed according to gender. This technology is new and few institutions have access to this. You can read about it on the Zimmer Biomet website. By making the knee implant different, the surgeons achieve a better fit. The patient has a comfortable and natural feeling. This helps speed up the recovery process.
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