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Delicious paneer dishes to try

Paneer is the most common cheese available in Persia and South Asia. This one is a non melting farmer cheese which is mostly made out of heated milk, food acid and lemon juice. This one is un- aged and mostly looks like Greek feta cheese.

Paneer is widely used in Indian cooking along with South Asian and Middle Eastern culinary style. This one is a lacto vegetarian thing which is also a very good source of protein for humans. When you come to eastern part of India like West Bengal and Orissa, paneer is also known d Chhana.

This one is soft and moist in texture which is also used to make delicacies like Rasgulla and Sandesh along with cooking items like MatarPaneer and AlooMatar. The chhana is very similar to paneer but this one is not pressed for a long time.

Soft paneer cubes or paneerstuffings can help in making delicious items like paneer egg roll and kathi roll. One can also grate paneer and use it as a salad dressing while serving food. Here are some amazing paneer dishes that you can make at home.

PaneerTikka Masala 
This is a gourmet dish which does not need much preparation in cooking. But yes, the gravy has to be full of flavours. Here the paneer is marinated in a tomato gravy and then served as a dinner dish.

Chilli Paneer
A simple dish loved by all but very spicy at the same time. Here paneer cubes are cooked well with green chillies, bell peppers and some other local spices to make it taste delicious.

Paneer Butter Pepper Fry 
In this dish, one needs to use some mildly spiced and battered paneer which are deep fried (until it turns golden brown in colour) and then they are tossed with some pepper masala and butter.

Paneer Satay with Peanut Sauce
Here the paneer cubes are of bigger size and they are marinated for a few minutes in coconut milk. Then fresh herbs and peanut butter is added to it and cooked on a grill till it gets light brown in colour.

This recipe comes from the kitchens of Punjab and in these delicious double layers of paratha one includes some spicy paneer and it tastes awesome.

Paneer Pizza Pockets 
Pizza and paneer always make a nice combination. Here the paneer cubes are mixed with herbs and spices to make a delicious pizza.

Paneer Butter Masala
This is again a delicious masala dish which has cottage cheese and some tangy gravy.

Palak Paneer
This dish is a very popular one when one talks about paneer dishes. One needs some freshly cut spinach and make a paste out of it. Then diced paneeris cooked well with this paste by adding some mild spices, ginger, garlic and green chillies.

One can pair them with roti or vegetable fried rice as they make a lovely combination.One can also get palakpaneer recipe in Hindi in a lot of cook books.
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