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Ways to Apply Exposed Aggregate Concrete

The exposed aggregate concrete uses the concrete along with some decorative items to create a gorgeous effect. There are numerous methods to do it. You can use any of them to show the look based on the size and desired look.

The top part of the various stones will be shown, but the rest of it will be embedded in the cement. There is also a rule of thumb when it comes to how much surface mortar should be removed to show the design.
Steps for Creation

When it comes to the creation of the exposed aggregate concrete, you should know the steps that would require from start to finish. Here are the steps, including the following:
  • Pouring the gravel, which should be placed at the bottom of the cement and be at least 6 inches in height.
  • Smooth out the surface by using a trowel or hoe. It needs to be done, as the cement is being poured. You should not fill it up until the top instead, leave around ½ inch of space.
  • Evenly spread out the gravel, which should be over the top of the wet cement. You can do this by the use of a stiff broom that would move the gravel over the area until it is fully spread out. You should let it sit for around 2 hours before setting it firmly by using a lawnmower to go over the surface.
These steps will help you to make the ideal design in your cement, so go ahead, and design it now.

Washing and Brushing

One of the most common methods to get exposed aggregate concrete is through washing and brushing. This is used often because it does not require any special tools or chemical retarders. You simply need to wash away the thin, top layer of the mortar on the surface. This is done by spraying the area with water and using a broom to scrub until the required amount of stone is shown. Remember to do this as soon as possible after it is poured.Besides, avoid dislodging or overexposure of the stone by any means.

Surface Retarder

The contractors use the surface retarded method these days to create the exposed aggregate concrete look. A chemical retarder is sprayed over the cement slab immediately after finishing and placing. This keeps the setting from happening immediately and allows them to remove the cement from the area around 1 to 2 days after it was poured. This is done either by pressure washing or scrubbing. This type of flexibility is crucial, especially during the summer when it is very hot.

Abrasive Blasting

Another method to get exposed aggregate concrete is through the method of abrasive blasting. This method is often used when the cement has already been set as well as hardened by the use of shot blasting or sandblasting. However, the only disadvantage that this method has is that it can sometimes dull the appearance and fracture the stones. Try not to use this option if you are looking to keep the full shape and color of the various stones.

You should ensure that if you are interested in creating exposed aggregate concrete, then you must know the steps to follow. In addition, you should know the various methods used to create the gorgeous effect, which can be done anywhere, such as your driveway, patio, and more.

Hence, you can pick the best method from the available options that would work for your needs depending on the final requirements needed by you, which would include shape, color, and more when it comes to the stones and the cement that you are using for it.
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