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Top Ways to Detail a Vehicle

Cleaning a car does not have to be hard. The price it cost to have a car detailed can be pricy. No more dealing with that hassle anymore. You can detail your own car for little to nothing. Plus, you do not have to worry about some else seeing your mess and your items are safe with its owner. Here are some easy steps to follow.

Remove All Dust

The first step is to remove all dust and dirt from the vehicle. It is easier to remove rugs and shake them out away from the vehicle. Before replacing them vacuum where they would usually go. Vacuum out the seats and every crevice you can see and reach with the vacuum cleaner. Once vacuumed, take a q-tip and swipe them through the corners that are hard to reach such as air vents. Wipe down the dash and cup holders with a micro fiber cloth. It will collect dust without throwing it around more details .

Apply Protectant

Once everything has been wiped down take a cloth and apply an interior protectant. Try not to get this on the window because it is hard to remove and adds a smeared look. The protectant gives a shine and keeps the dash and interior from fading or cracking. This will safe money in the long run. Never try to wash the dash with water. This can remove the oils to keep the dash protected from the suns rays.

Wash Windows

The outside and inside of the windows as well as any gauge covers should be wiped down with a window cleaner. This is simply enough. Make sure that all the cleaner is wiped and evaporated away. Visibility is vital to safety. Newspaper without any color dyes is good to use in the cleaning process leaving behind few streaks.

Clean the Seats

Any stains that are on seats can be removed easily with an upholstery stain remover. Make sure to let the product dry after using before trying to sit. If the seats are made up of leather, then wipe them down with leather wipes. That is crucial to keep the leather from cracking. Soap can cause them to dry out and crack so make sure it is a leather cleaner.

Don’t Forget the Outside

Now that the inside is complete, the outside must be cleaned. Wash a wash and wax cleaner. This prevents water spots. Make sure to lift the windshield wipers and wash and rinse the window completely.

Removing bugs from paint keeps the paint from peeling and damaging your Car and Auto.  Make sure to do a pre-soak and never wash a vehicle in the direct sunlight. This will cause water spots. Happy Cleaning.
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