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Signs You Need To Hire A Professional Water Heater Repair Contractor

Water heater repair may be an option for many homeowners experiencing difficulties associated with their water heater. It is advisable to quit using this system until it is either fixed or replaced. However, most people are ignorant of the fact that these systems actually give warning signs that something is wrong somewhere.

Once you discover that the system is not working properly, it is recommended to contact a qualified water heater repair contractor as soon as possible for inspection. This way, you have minimized the risk of replacing the water heater system entirely.


Change in temperature is perhaps one of the commonest water heater repair signs. If you discover that the hot temperature is not as high as expected, this is an indication that the tank is experiencing difficulty heating to the optimal level. Generally, normal temperature is over 120 degrees.

Furthermore, if the thermostat begins to malfunction or it is actually running at the right temperature but the showers are still cold, then you need to get help immediately. In some cases, the thermostat could be the problem. In other instances, the heating element may be broken.

Strange sounds

Another common sign that indicates your system needs the services of a water heater repair contractor is when the tank sounds strange. Of course, they do make noise. Sometimes, you may hear it bang, squeal, whine or even creak. In most cases, you may not even notice that the strange sound is coming from your tank until you take time to figure it out. The major cause of the sounds is a result of sediment that sits on the tank’s bottom and accumulates over time.

Once the accumulated dirt comes anywhere near the heating elements, you begin to hear different kinds of sounds emanating from the tank. However, the most effective way of resolving this issue is by flushing the tanks as directed by the manufacturer. If this doesn’t work, then you need to hire a water heater repair contractor right away.

Knowing when to replace it

In some cases, water heaters have complex repair needs. In this case, it is best to replace the system rather than trying to repair it. There are many factors that may force you to replace your water heater. Probably, the system has outlived its usefulness. Or maybe the usage is high and the system is unable to keep up.

Whatever the case, if the system develops a complex problem and begins to malfunction, it is time to replace it. Most system last for about 20 years. Any system that is older than this need to be replaced. Continuous usage of an old system without proper maintenance reduces efficiency. Also, if the tank is leaking you should consider replacing it with a new one.

What’s more, water heater repair service is easy and affordable. Avail the services of a qualified contractor who specializes in water heater repairs and installation to come inspect the current system.

After a thorough assessment, he should be able to determine whether you need to fix the system or replace it with a new one.
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