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Monitoring the exhaust gas being emitted into the air and atmosphere

Every country uses a type of vehicle to travel. These include cars and motorcycles. But this can create air pollution which can endanger not only the atmosphere. It can also endanger the health of the people that will inhale the harmful chemicals in the air. This is the reason why it is important to measure a vehicle’s exhaust gas emission. But did you know that vehicles are not the only things that are being tested? Establishments like industrial plants that are emitting gas into the atmosphere are also being checked. This is to make sure that the gas emitted by industrial plants is safe enough for the environment and human beings.
Measuring the exhaust gas is one way for people to know how polluted or clean the air is. That's why flue gas analyzer and emission measurement is very important. Testo provides the tools used for a professional 
emission measure in indonesia that can help manage this pollution problem. They offer many products that are sure to work a hundred percent. Testo’s equipment can be used on a various number of applications such as vehicles, systems, and establishments.

Analyzing for Compliance

Testo provides the tools that are utilized to test  industrial plants like chemical plants, glassworks, steelworks, and cement work. These places have to make sure that they adhere to the government’s standard for exhaust gas emission, that they don’t go over the limit. One of the products used includes the Testo 350 which is an exhaust gas analyzer which is very easy to use and is designed to meet the highest demands. It carries out precise industrial emission measurement. The Testo 350 has 6 gas sensors. They also have a flue gas analyzer called the Testo 340. It is a practical flue gas analyzer because of its simple design and has 4 gas sensors.

Testing for Ship motors

It is also important for ships to emit as little smoke as possible. This is because the smoke count plays a huge part in the emission testing process. But not only that, the soot content of the engine should also be kept to a minimum. Testo also has equipment being used to analyze the gas exhaust on ships. One is called the Testo 350 MARITIME which is the first portable gas analyzer for diesel ship engines. This measures the emissions of diesel ship engines to make sure they comply with the MARPOL Annex VI and NOx Technical Code 2008.

Monitoring the CHP systems

Combined Heat and Power is a system in which it draws combustion of gas in, mix it with air, compress it, and then ignite it. It aims to maximize its efficiency while making sure that the exhaust emissions are also minimized. In order for this to work, the exhaust emissions should be carefully monitored to make sure that it does not exceed the limit. If not precisely measured, it can cause problems like mechanical knocking, increased wear, misfiring, and more. Luckily, Testo has the perfect tool for this. It's called the Testo 350 and it provides precise measurements in the shortest time possible. It also easily adapts to respective applications of your engines.

Emission testing is very important in many ways. This is to make sure that the pollution is lowered.  Aside from vehicles, certain places and systems also create air pollution which is emitted into the atmosphere. Testo provides the best way to monitor and keep it in check.
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