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5 Office Hacks That Simplify Work

Seven hours of monotonous work at a desk and this routine for six days a week. All the tiredness of the world in one single sentence, wasn't it? Well. I do understand that. And so, I also understand that you are looking for things that make you feel less clumsy and more happy. At Least satisfied, if not happy. So here I am with some tips that can make your work not just bearable but also happy and satisfactory. Have a look.

1. The Cord Code

 Now that your desk has a computer, a printer, your charger and a series of other wired devices, there surely is a lot of mess on the entire desk. And sometimes with all the hurry and all the work going on haphazardly and the scurry, the wiry mess seems ten times what it actually is.

Here's a simple idea. Why not try color tapes or stickies on the adapter or connector cords. All you have to do is number them as you wish or even better is to name them as codes. The colors will only help you identify them easily and quickly without creating any further problems. 

2. The Water Reminder

This is the best help you will ever hear, when it comes to health. And this might not exactly be with the food diet but the next important thing - Water. Keeping yourself hydrated, simply means keeping yourself concentrated and fresh. 

So water is important, the first thing. But the second thing - How often you consume it, is an important question. So to keep yourself reminded about it. And believe me, it is simple. All you have to do is stick small labels with the time written on it on the bottle and do it according to your consumption. 

3. The Computer Technology

Well sometimes, time management can become a serious problem. With so many tasks to complete and the deadlines that never seem to end, time management plays a very important role in your efficiency and attitude towards work. And with the rising technology in various fields, it is no less in helping you out with the work you do. Apps and websites like Stay Focused, Endomondo, Kaes, Hotseat and Power Nap App, the technology is all here to help you work efficiently and perfectly. Try them out.

4. The Online Security

The other serious problem at work can be the security regarding your work. Now how would you like if all the hard work that you do, be simply gone or stolen only because of the hacking or ill security? Not fair, right! Well, in such cases I think you can do your best to avoid such disasters at work. And it is not that difficult. The first thing you can do is with the password. Set a strong password with characters that are non-english. Greek characters and other symbols will be of great help.

5. The Space Issue

There are issues regarding the space, aren't they? The more you clean the clutter, the more you think it becomes spacious, but in reality, other things stack up and the situation comes back to the same thing. And this problem is not just with the workplace but also at home. And the solution is same at both the places - Stacks. Stack them up and see them look orderly and near. And also they just look organized. Stacking again, is not Piling, but simply racking up the wood at the office and setting things accordingly. You can also use pouches that can hold the stationary in them and come handy at times. 

Now that you have a few things sorted out in your mind, why not try them at the desk. They'll help you real good. You have to believe me. They are tested and appreciated. Hope this article helps you out.

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Happy Working.. :-)
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