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Vidmate movie download from 9Apps

Vidmate is one of the most gorgeous platforms of video which provides HD-copyrighted movies optimistically free of cost and is presently released in India. Vidmate will initialize its voyage through the entire launch of most of the Bollywood actor’s Irrfans’ latest Madaari which is the one of the first and the only accessible movie on Vidmate which can be very easily viewed on the mobile.

This app permits the user to moisture a movie online or attains the download of it for later use incurring with dissimilar qualities ranging from 1080P to 144P. And thus, picking up this application will make your Android device a most unique one.

This app also displays most of the latest trailers and directs the user’s videos relating to their history and interest too. And thus, all the users can very well obtain the access of sharing these movies offline through various other apps such as ShareIt App, Xender App, Bluetooth etc.

Picking up such kind of an application, will make you Android device a most authentic entertainment device which permits you to enjoy music and films pertaining to all occasions and also including several other international languages. Very few can obtain such a chance of watching a leading movie and communicate with its stars.

Actually, a new app has been presently released in India which gives you quite a same kind of experience and it is none other than Vidmate, a area of Movie and Platform. All the movies HD-copyrighted in this app are given at zero cost. And hence, rather than viewing the movies at the theatre, it guarantees in providing the latest movies to your Smartphone devices, and also it grants the users a chance of chatting with the stars too.


Just have a look at the below prescribed features of this app to the full extent..
  1. Various Qualities: The video qualities provided in this app are of about 1080P to 144P and users those who are on WiFi can very easily download larger quality of movie when those on the mobile data can select the lesser quality ones.
  2. Offline View: This app permits the user to download the movies so that it can be seen later offline. The download is quick and fastest and the users can obtain the best video quality while downloading of which they prefer.
  3. Sharing Option: Vidmate also grants complete access of sharing the downloaded movie through the offline modes via Bluetooth, ShareIt, Xender. And can very easily share with your friends rather than your friends downloading the movie again.
  4. Chatting with the Stars: The most peak point of this app is that it provides complete access to the user to chat with the movie stars.
  5. Various Videos and Trailers: On looking at the video tab, it is featured with various other lengthy videos too; they include songs, funny videos and so on.
  6. Simple user Interface: The app interface is simple and neat.
  7. Voting Option: The app also provides the user to vote for the next premier HD movie which they want to view on Vidmate.

Presently the apps available on Vidmate are quite a few and are still a new app, yet it needs to be popular after further more apps and games featured in them.

So, to obtain the access of this app on your Android device, simply switch on to the app store of 9apps through the APK file and get the instant download of this app to the fullest extent without any delay.
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