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Lesser Known Uses of Botox

Basically, Botox is used to get rid of wrinkles, face lines, and blemishes on the human skin. But it's important to note that Botox can help in many other areas. The following are five other known uses of Botox treatment: 

Prevent Headaches:
I bet not so many people know about the efficacy of the Botox treatment when it comes to migraine treatment. Botox is a proven method of reducing the effects of severe migraines. As a matter of fact, Botox in its best form can actually prevent headaches in patients with chronic migraines. In addition, due to its efficacy in the treatment of migraines, it is regarded as a medical therapy for treatment of migraines. So, are you suffering from a severe headache? Then Botox is certainly worth considering. Usually, the treatment involves the injection of Botox in different areas of your head, neck, and face and this is carried out every three months.
Treat Vision Problems:
When it comes to treatment of sight-related issues, the Botox method is another great therapy to adopt. Although it won't give you 20/20 vision, Botox is recommended for treating cases such as blepharospasm, (eyelid spasms), strabismus, (a condition of having crossed-eyes), and diplopia, (a condition of having blurry vision). So how does Botox treat eye problems? Botox helps the muscles in the eye to relax and work in unison with each other. Doing this will enable the muscles to heal, which in turn, helps treat some common eye problems.
Put Your Bladder in Check:
Botox is also very effective in the treatment of bladder incontinence, With Botox, you can have your overactive bladder in check thereby keeping you away from the toilet as often as you have been used to. With the injection of Botox, the bladder increases in volume, thereby reducing bladder incontinence. The effect of this treatment can last for a couple of months depending on the quantity of Botox that was injected.
Control Excessive Sweating
The Botox method can help control your severe sweating habit. Do you sweat profusely when you’re inactive? Do you sweat while driving in a cold weather condition? If yes, then you need professional help. This is a health condition that needs to be looked into. So if you are experiencing this condition, Botox will help you eliminate your hyperhidrosis condition which is also known as excessive sweating. Using Botox to combat this condition is highly effective and the effect can last for about two years.

Boost Confidence:
With Botox you get your confidence on the high, this is achieved by improving your appearance. Studies, particularly in Cosmetic Dermatology, shows that when your facial muscles are relaxed from frowning, you remain happy. Consequently, you approach the day in a positive mood.

In conclusion, Botox as a medical procedure goes beyond offering solutions to skin related issues but also physiological and psychological problems. These are some of the lesser known uses of Botox. So if you’d like to get rid of these health conditions for good, consider Botox
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