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5 Places You Just Can’t Miss Even If You Are Running Short Of Time

Often work takes you to places, but yet people don’t get the time to go and explore the place. You are mainly stuck between your hotel to your conference rooms and team dinners. But despite all these problems you can make some use of having to stay at a new destination.
The same kind of thing happened to me when I was visiting Lucknow because of a conference and my accommodation was in a hotel near the airport itself. So, the first thing I did was made a list of places to visit near hotels near lucknow airport and you will be surprised that my trip wasn’t a waste at all. It turns out the city has some good tourist sport close to the airport.

Here is a list of couple of places to visit:
  1. Bara Imambara- The Imambarawas built in the year 1784 and is also commonly known as the AsafiImambara because it was built by the Nawab of Awadh, Asaf-ud-Duala. The meaning of imambarameans a shrine. This complex was built by Shia Muslims for the purpose of Azdari.
  2. Hazratganj- Hazratganjis the heart of Lucknow. It is a major shopping area. So if you want to relax with some shopping then this is your place to do. You will find shopping complexes, different sorts of bazaars, restaurants and also theatres.
  3. Lucknow Zoo- the Lucknow zoo is one amongst those who have a grand name. Yes, it is called the NawabWazid Ali shah PraniUdyan which was earlier known as Prince of Wales Zoological Garden. It was established in the year 1921 and spreads over a land area of 71.6 acres. It was established in the honour to commemorate the visit of His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales to Lucknow. Every year, the zoological gardens see tons of tourists and nature enthusiasts. This should be in your list for some scenic beauty and to get one step closer to the animal kingdom.
  4. Rumi Darwaza- also sometimes known as the Turkish gate, this monument was built under the patronage of NawabAsaf-ud-Daula in the year 1784. This monument reflects the brilliance of the Awadhi architecture. It is the gateway to the city and stands 60 feet tall. The stretch from Rumi Darwazato Chattarmanzil is considered to be of historic significance and beauty. So, you just can’t afford to miss this one.
  5. Chowk- This place is famous for its food and local food stalls. Things like gajarkahalwa, kebabs, chats and other kinds of sweets are on the list. Make sure when you visit this place you have some room in your stomach or trust me there will only be regrets.
There are so many other places to visit. But I have listed just a few for those who don’t have much time because of their schedule. If you do have time on your hand, make sure you don’t miss a spot because the entire city is just beautiful and so rich in heritage.
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