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Westside Family Church Lenexa KS- Connecting With God & Improving Your Quality Of Life!

When it comes to life, you will find that it becomes challenging at times. There are instances where you tend to lose hope and suffer from depression and frustration. These are times when you need strength and courage. Here, the material side of life does not help you and you need to turn towards the spiritual side for guidance!

Westside Family Church Lenexa KS- Using the power of prayer to gather strength

When it comes to life, you are not alone. The Western Family Church says that you should turn to God for help and guidance. He will show you the path and wisdom to overcome all challenges. The members of the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS say that troubles do not last and they are temporary. They will pass when you turn to God for help. Daily prayers give you the power and the strength to move ahead amidst all the sufferings and difficulties you face. This strength helps you to emerge a winner and be victorious in everything you face in life.

Why do good people suffer?

Often you may ask yourself this question when you face hurdles and troubles in life. You might be a pious and good person never harming others yet you face challenges and difficulties in life. The question as to why do good people suffer keeps on haunting you day in and day out. The answer is not in suffering- the lessons you learn both good and bad are needed for the evolution of your soul in this journey called life. This is why you face hurdles and challenges. You might face disappointments and depression due to others. It is because you are destined to grow as an individual so that you can become a positive role model to others who might cross your path.

Serving others reduces your sufferings and problems

When you suffer alone, you feel isolated and in despair. It is here that you will lose the urge to live sometimes. The Westside Family Church Lenexa KS members say that when you are suffering tremendously in life, you should never be alone. Step out and come to the Church at least once a week. You will meet and come across people who are suffering like you. It is at this time that you realize you are not alone. Once you start helping them to come out of their sorrows, you will find that you gradually are forgetting yours. This of course is a unique experience that needs to be felt. Serving others does bring about many positive changes and with the passage of time, you forget your sorrows.

Therefore, if you are sad and depressed with the challenges you are facing in your life today, it is high time to step out and connect with God. Pray to Him and see the difference you feel in your life. He will guide you and help you with strength and courage when it comes to eradicating sufferings and pain from your life. Serving others helps you in a large way to reduce depression and find meaning to your existence with success!
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