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Top 5Places to Visit in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, often called the city of pearls, is famous for a lot of places and activities. The people are very nice and friendly here. The top 5 places mentioned here are the must visit for one visiting Hyderabad.

·      Charminar: Charminar is that the most outstanding landmark set right within the heart of Hyderabad. The monument was made by KaliQutb Shah when he transferred his capital from Golkunda to Hyderabad. It got the name from the structure which consists of 4 minarets. The imposing structure looks amazing throughout the night once it's well-lighted. The life around Charminar never stops, as this half smells and looks like the real Hyderabad. Charminar is similar to the culture of Hyderabad which is standing tall as a token of the wonderful days of the era of the past. The world around Charminar is famous for colourful bangles, jewellery, pearls and delectable dishes. The essence of the Charminar is in four things - the great crowds, the pack up markets, the delicious Biryani and also the Irani chai! The visitors can choose to stay at hotels in gachibowli.

·      Ramoji Film City: It is set up by RamojiRao, the pinnacle of Ramoji group in 1996.The Ramoji Film town could be a stunning vacation escape with medium themes within the happening town of Hyderabad. There's a lot for one to ascertain, learn and know, as a new threat comes towards him from each nook and corner. It's conjointly certified as the World's biggest Film Studio by the Guinness book of World Records. The Ramoji film town is a proud destination of India that pulls a lot of individuals each year due to its distinctive and delightful themes. It's said that a director will never leave while not making a movie here, such is its inspiration.

·    Chowmahalla Palace: The Chowmahalla Palace made in Hyderabad between the years 1857 and 1869. This splendid monument was made because of the official residence of the Nizams of Hyderabad throughout their reign. The building of the Chowmahalla Palace was the place where the Nizams entertain their very special guests and organize several elaborate ceremonies.

·       Snow World: The only place located in Hyderabad where snow falls all the year, Snow World is kind of successful amongst the locals and also the tourists alike. It's the world’s biggest and also the only snow-themed park in India. What makes it distinctive is that the fact that the snow here is made by drinking mineral water. Hence, this is one place that you simply should not miss in Hyderabad. With virtually three-tonesof snow adding each day, finding ground in this park won't be as simple as one thought! Hotels in gachibowli are good stay in this part of the world.

·     Papikondalu: Known for its Kashmir like beauty in the South of India, Papikondalu may be a hill region in Khammam district, one mustn't miss it while in this place. These hills are one amongst the foremost visited tourist attractions in the province. The beautiful scenery all around bends with the luxuriant hills and sparkling skies. The stream is clean and a beautiful place fancies a great boat ride.
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