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Tips for Amateur Photographers shared by the professional Jay Alan Blackmore

Photography is a vast field with numerous ranges of proficiency starting from complete novices to genius professionals. If you are just starting out, you can enjoy the knowledge accrued by professionals over the years as you study and develop your skills. Moreover, just by following certain rules you can easily impress others with your photographs.

Jay Alan Blackmore shares tips for Amateur Photographers

Jay Alan Blackmore is a resident of Portland and film student who is at present working part- time as a photographer for weddings and other occasions. He says that he enjoys photography as a pastime and uses the extra savings to fund his collection of camera equipment. He uses a Canon EOS Rebel T6 and a GoPro Hero 3 camera to photograph events.

Listed below are some of the tips shared by Mr. Blackmore

  • Instead of holding camera away from the face, you should keep the camera close to you as this offers maximum stability and also gives nice photographs.
  • This is especially for the amateur ones who can use the timer instead of pressing the button to take a photo as this can create lovely images.
  • Shooting with the flash on during sunlight can help your camera to deal with unforeseen natural light that may be coming from the incorrect direction.
  • In order to take a close shot you can walk a few steps as this can save you some zoom distance.
  • Do not set your mind on just one place. Be flexible as you shoot and experiment with various angles. You may not know for sure which one will bring you the captivating shot. Roaming around to take shot will also teach you a lot about the fortes and faults of the different positions.
  • Learn how to edit photos. Some of the top photographers in the world also use technology to improve their works. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not use photo editing tools to make your photos look all the more appealing, and to help you understand colors, contrast, light and other vital photography elements.
These are some of the most useful tips shared by Jay Alan.

Jay says that photography is an attractive form of art that is devoid of any hard rules. It is all about individual style and imagination. And that is what makes it so motivating. There are lots of tips to be learnt, and definitely lots of experiences to be gain before one becomes a proficient. If you are new to photography, you can refer to the above mentioned tips shared by Mr. Blackmore.

Apart from having interest in photography, Jay Alan Blackmore is a cinephile and enjoys seeing the narrative and cinematic techniques used by the experts in cinema in action. Additionally, he also likes taking his bike out for a ride and look forward to any prospects in order to go cyclo-cross racing or hiking. He also spends his idle time by checking out the indie music scene in hiss hometown.
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