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Roles Of A Production Assistant- Clay Hutson Explains How to Deal With Them

Production assistants are known as runners, and they perform small jobs in the set. Office administration jobs to crowd control fall under the purview of a production assistant. Production assistants are normally freelance jobs, and their roles are extremely varied, and they give an opening to the film.

Clay Hutson on Responsibility of Production Assistant

Production assistant is usually deployed by film and tv production team, and there will be a project coordinator who will be asking for a production assistant. The responsibility will vary from the roles that they are assigned.

If the production assistant is assigned a job in the office, he or she will have to take the calls and answer all the queries regarding the movie. They have to fill the paper that is needed for getting work done and should also do the data entry work. Arranging lunches and dinners and arranging transportation booking needed for traveling should be done by office production assistants. The hotel stay and the general stay accommodation should be done by the production assistant.

Clay Hutson states that production assistant should look after the general function of the office also.

On the sets, the responsibility will differ for the production assistant. Production assistant is also expected to act as a courier and is expected to transfer important messages to the top echelons of film. The distribution of call sheets and transferring of important messages related to health will be done by production assistants.

Production assistants are expected to do crowd control, and this job will be assigned only if there are no police personnel to control the crowd. There may be dangerous situations when the help of police is needed, and this happens in action-oriented films and stunt sequences. Car racing shots are dangerous and would need stronger crowd control.

Arranging the cab and other services needed for the lead actors will be done by production assistant, and there are times in which the production assistant will have to look for emergency services. This may happen when the actor or actress in the set faces an accident and production assistant is expected to arrange hospital services quicker.

Production assistant may have to bring the movie script or some other thing, and there may be cases in which another actor should be bought from a different movie location, and that will require more traveling.

Skills required by production assistant

Clay Hutson feels that there is more than talent that is required for production assistant job. The reason is that the work times will be odd and the person will be required to put long strenuous hours of work. The person should be organized and should be able to work under high-stress conditions. The person should be calm and should have clarity of thought and mind. A strong verbal skill is needed, and one should have the capability to write things as there is a lot of written communication needed. They should have the sense to deal with persons of authority and should be tactful in ensuring that things get done. Production assistant should always be punctual, and there is no harm in them arriving before time.
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