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Rick Casper- Choosing The Perfect Assisted Living Facility For Your Loved Ones!

When a family member of your household advances in age, it may become difficult for you to take proper care of his/her needs even when you hire a proficient caregiver to look after him/her. This may be because he/she suffers from a serious aliment that restricts his/her mobility to a certain extent however at the same time does not need 24/7 attention of medical staff that a  high-tech nursing home provides. However, you may find the task of finding the right assisted living facility for elderly relatives that caters to his/her unique needs a very challenging one. Rick Casper from California says it is important for you need to keep the following factors in mind when it comes to choosing a suitable facility for your loved one.

  1. Physical and health needs
You are aware that as people advance in age, they may need physical assistance to carry out their daily chores. Such activities could include moving around, maintain personal hygiene, cooking, eating and shopping. This need becomes even more important when they suffer from a serious medical disorder like a stroke, cardiovascular aliment or a condition like  Alzheimer’s disease.
  1. Social interaction
The social network of your elderly relative over time usually changes especially on the demise of a spouse. Again, the people he/she once knew may move to different neighborhoods. Rick Casper explains at times it may not be possible for you or another member of your household to take this relative to such places because of work pressures. This increases his/her sense of isolation. This is the reason why you need to find an assisted living establishment where he/she can interact with people of his/her own age.
  1. Proficient staff and caregivers
Moving your elderly relative to an assisted living facility can be an emotionally stressful task for you to do but considering his overall wellbeing it is a step you need to take. This is reason why it is important for you to thoroughly evaluate how the staff and caregivers of the establishment treat their residents.
  1. Security and maintenance
This is a factor you cannot afford to ignore. You want your elderly relative to stay in a secure and clean environment where there is an adequate response system in the unfortunate event of any emergency.
  1. Activities
You need to find out whether the assisted living facilities offer their residents recreational activities that match the hobbies of your elderly relative. Does this establishment have amenities like a proper library, a place of worship and proper transportation facilities to take their inmates to cultural events?
  1. Food
 Your elderly relative needs to maintain a proper diet because of his/her medical condition.  You need to make sure the assisted living facility you are taking him/her to can provide him/her nutritious meals at least three times a day.

Rick Casper says with age people need to change and adapt. Taking your elderly relative to assisted living facility is something you may not emotionally want to do but considering his/her best interests is the most prudent decision to make. Keeping in mind the above steps can help you find the right establishment that caters to his/her unique needs.
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