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Preserving Future Generation’s Appreciation of Books

Today’s generation now lives in a world of computer monitor screens and smart phones.  Many seem to believe that all information and knowledge is packed into a small machine and delivered digitally via electronic media.  Indeed, the very ability to speak properly could easily suffer if our society relies solely upon “tweets” and “emails” as our sole means of interpersonal communications.

Fortunately, our society still recognizes the value of the printed page.  Indeed, despite the current dominance of the computer in today’s world, in fact the world’s history and knowledge remains confined and protected for posterity upon printed pages.  The value of those pages can be appreciated just when we realize that our society dedicates a substantial amount of its resources to store and preserve materials

that are carefully protected and maintained.  It is there where we will find a written copy of the Declaration of Independence, the Magna Carta, the King James Bible, the Rosetta Stone, and the I Ching, and the Holy Quran.  When you are seeking knowledge and information you may begin by looking up the items on the computer and the internet.  Yet ultimately, one will find that the information and inspiration we seek is still contained on the printed pages found in our libraries and halls of records around the world.  That is why one turns to Abe Books when you seek to have the material and information available for the benefit of yourself and your family. 

Ever notice how the offices of our doctors, lawyers, and educators are lined with books?  Even in this age, the professionals whom we call upon to provide information, advice and direction to deal with the essential issues of our lives are as devout about their literature and knowledge as they are about their faith and about the future.  The next time you are buying a present for someone, particularly one of the younger generation, consider giving them a gift certificate purchased with a Grouponcoupon to use the next time they want to get something from Abe Books.  There is no doubt that such a present will have far more intrinsic value than items that are subject to the whims and variances of daily habits and customs.
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