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Importance of chemistry in our daily life

We encounter chemistry in our everyday life, but most of us turn a blind eye towards it and fail to notice it. Almost everything in this universe is composed of chemicals. There is a chemical explanation for every change which we observe in the world around us. From the exchange of gases when we breathe to falling in love, it's all chemistry. There are about various products or say chemical compounds which we use every day whose structure and chemical composition is known. Some of the examples include toothpaste, shampoo, soap, cleaning agent, etc, all these are the results of a chemical reaction. Thus, it is very important to understand chemistry as it helps us to know the structure, composition and the changes of matter. Let us get to know of some instances of chemistry happening in our daily lives.

  • Polymers of fruits as Chemical Compounds: The fruits like pineapple consists of a chemical compound called gelatin which acts like a polymer. These are the natural chemicals within the fruit.

  • Food goes bad due to chemical reactions: The food gets spoiled due to reactions occurring within the molecules of food. These reactions take place due to bacteria

  • Elements of the body constitute Chemistry: Chemistry is said to exist everywhere. Yes, not only our surroundings, we ourselves are bound with chemical elements. Our body consists of various chemical compounds which are involved in the number of chemical reactions. The compounds like iron, nitrogen, oxygen, potassium, calcium, etc including the water work on the basis of chemistry.

  • Chemistry of variations of thoughts in Humans: Human beings are said to have various feelings and emotions such as Love, envy, jealousy, infatuation, disloyalty and much more. All these variations occurring within us are a part of chemistry and its reactions in the form of different hormones. These feelings are transmitted by chemical messengers named as neurotransmitters, and these are involved in the chemical reactions.

Thus we have seen a few of the many things we do in our day to day lives which have an explanation on the grounds of chemistry. Hopefully, this has helped you create a better understanding about the world around you. If you would like to know more interesting facts or need help with any topic of chemistry like Equilibrium or the quantum mechanical model of an atom, check out this YouTube Channel-

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