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Understanding the Doctrines of Naturopathy- A Complete Beauty On Its Own

Naturopathy, a branch of medical science was born after the failed attempts of conventional methods and means to cure illnesses, during the 19th century. The traditional methods of cure were becoming burdensome for the afflicted and this came as ‘Redeemer’ to the masses. Geoffrey Morell is doctor of naturopathy that was once considered to be “ungodly” and “unscientific”.

Elimination of the symptoms of any disease is the therapeutic aim of naturopathy; this kind of treatment has a holistic approach towards every patient. Geoffrey Morell maintains this approach towards all the patients who reach out to him for help. He hails from New Zealand and believes that more than the conventional medical establishments it is the medicines of energy that deserve attention.

This form of recovery has become rather popular over the years and is being used by a lot of people who prefer to attack the problem at its roots. The overall healing of the body is the aim of Naturopathy; it is because the conventional means of medicine have had great failures that this form of healing has gained impetus. This method of healing emphasizes that the nutrition of an individual plays a major role in the recovery process.

It is by eating a proper balanced and nutritious diet that an individual can prepare his body to fight all the alien diseases from entering the body. The certain basic doctrines that this curative process follows are as below:

l  Fasting – contrary to the common thinking that fasting is not a good practice, this therapy recommends fasting as a part of its healing process. The administrators of Naturopathy believe that regular cut down on the diet of an individual is actually healthy for the primal functioning of the body. Fasting causes the hormones to be stimulated and provide energy for the body which functions as an anti-inflammatory response.

l  Hydrotherapy – it is quite apparent from the name, this is the involvement of water. Water is used in huge quantities to treat various ailments externally that include injuries as well. The bathing of hands and feet so that the individual could get a more relaxed sleep is a common practice within this type of treatment.

l  Self Massage - it is important and effective in the healing of some illnesses to massage the abdomen and the face regularly.

l  Gentle Exercise – a little exercise daily helps in keeping the muscles of the body free moving and supple. This in fact, reduces the probable occurrences of any discomfort in the body too.

Leading a disciplined and healthy life is the key to have a perfect body; it really does not matter how much of calories you curb by eating green vegetables and salads and exercise rigorously regularly, if you are not able to discipline your life, you will never be able to attain a healthy body. Naturopathy also believes that the body is in close unison with the mind and the spirit. A perfect cohesion of these three elements can ensure an absolutely healthy being.
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