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The Golden Era of the Philadelphia Eagles

The National Football League (NFL) matches are one of the most watched sports tournaments in North America. The enthusiasm of the fan of the sports can only be matched by the excellent performance of the players on field. One of the teams that has been known to provide excellent performance on field to match the enthusiasm of its fans is the Philadelphia Eagles. The team is known for giving excellent performance, bound to give the fans an adrenaline rush. Although the Philadelphia Eagles had simple beginnings, it went on to become one of the most consistently performing teams in the NFL. The team has been producing excellent players who have gone on to be become legends in their own regard. The team that had started its journey from Shibe Park in the year 1940 has now become one of the most recognized names in the NFL. Brendan Wetzel mentions that the team’s Golden Era was during the mid-1940s when it went onto to become of the most bankable teams in the NFL. Some of the achievements of the Philadelphia Eagles from 1940 to 1949 are as follows:

·         Van Buren and Neale period: After the team moved from the Philadelphia Municipal Stadium to Shibe Park, Greasy Neale was appointed as the head coach. The first year the team struggled to improve its performance and soon Steve Van Buren was hired as the running back. As soon as Van Buren joined the team’s performance began to improve. The then Philadelphia Eagles which was considered to be a part of the expansion of the NFL started presenting itself as a serious competitor for the Super Bowl. Their first win as a competitor in the NFL came in the year 1944. After that the team started improving its performance vastly ad became a football team to be reckoned with.

·         Match with the Cardinals: The first decisive win for the Philadelphia Eagles came in 1949 when the team was able to beat the Chicago Cardinals. The team had initially lost to the Cardinals in Comiskey Park earlier. However, the team defeated the Cardinals in the following match and continued its winning streak in the following championship games. Van Buren, Pete Pihos and Bosh Pritchard were the star players in these matches. Having performed consistently throughout the championship games the Philadelphia Eagles became one of the most successful teams in this time period.

The Philadelphia Eagles has been known for producing excellent football players. The numerous new players who have joined the team have been establishing themselves to be bankable players. Brendan Wetzel believes that the performance of the individual players have been consistent with the team’s overall performance. The Philadelphia Eagles has been one of the favorite teams of football fans because it delivers excellent on field performance. The team’s coaches down the years have brought new and innovative techniques of playing the game. Thus, the Philadelphia Eagles is definitely a football team to be reckoned with and one that continues to wow its fans with its performance. 
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