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Review of the Best Online Trading Platforms Zerodha Review

Trading on the stock market is a sure way to make money. You can make use the many trading platforms available. The most prominent one among them is the Zerodha platform characterised by brokerage-free equity investment. Zerodha is one of the biggest brokerage houses when you consider investor volume and daily turnover. They contribute almost 5% of the trading volumes on the Indian stock exchange. This translates into $2 billion worth of buying and selling.

Low charges

This Zerodha Review helps you understand how this platform is useful and what its shortcomings are. First is its low brokerage charges. This remains at most Rs 20 or even lower. For equity delivery, the charge is 0.10% of the turnover or Rs 20 (lesser of the two). For all others such as Equity options, Equity future, Currency futures, Equity intraday, Commodity and Currency options the charge levied is 0.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower.

They ask for other fees such as the SEBI Expenses, Security Transaction Tax, Stamp Duty, Service tax, and Transaction Fees. The Stamp Duty is 0.01% (or Rs 50 whichever is lower) changes according to the place where you live in India. The transaction fee is small amounting to 0.00325% of the delivery. For Futures, it is 0.0021% and for Options, it is 0.053%. You also have to pay the SEBI expenses that amount to Rs 20 per crore.

One can use the Zerodha Kite net based trading platform. It is lightweight and low bandwidth.  Top of the attractions of this platform is the free buying and selling in equity delivery. The Zerodha Pi platform finds use among many traders for their buying and selling. You get lovely trading tools such as SPAN calculator, marketplace display, Options strategy, and algoZ.

Challenge with money back

One of the most inspiring things is the 60-day challenge that Zerodha gives to its traders in which you show a rise in the trading graph. If you do not do so, you get back the full brokerage charge. This inspires many traders to take up the challenge and achieve outstanding success. Another good thing is that there is no minimal brokerage to pay, no contract costs to bear, and no advance fees to pay. All these, make it good for traders to use the trading platform.

Drawbacks of this platform

By way of this Zerodha Review, you have seen the options open to you. Though there are many good things said about the trading platform, it lacks in some respects. For instance, the customer support is almost non-existent.  They do not give a toll-free number to call and clear doubts. You cannot raise them or ask them any questions. If you can live with that, then they are the best. Some others feel that the presence of a monthly plan would have made this platform better. But again, it is a matter of opinion. Also, Trading Terminal Pi hangs very often. The intraday leverages are low.

All said the positive aspects outweigh the few negative aspects. It still remains the top choice for online traders who want more freedom in their trading practice.
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