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How the tradition of cakes started

Cakes are everyone’s favorite all over the world. Whatever be the occasion these can be ordered and sent almost anywhere across the world. History has it that Egyptians were the earliest bakers in the world and baked their cakes and loaves on hot stones. They had discovered how to make the cakes rise with the use of natural yeast. Their flatbreads would rise like round cakes and were extremely tasty. The cakes today have round shapes because they are still built in the tradition of the ancient breads which were all round-shaped.

The discovery of baking soda

At that point of time the secret of using whipped eggs was not known. The bakers would take hours to whip the batter so that the cakes would rise even further. It was a modern invention in baking techniques. Baking soda was discovered in 1840s with the finding of baking powder 20 years later in 1860. Gradually the ovens whose temperature could be regulated was also founded. The availability of cheaper sugar was all that was needed to bring out the baker in everybody. What was followed was a boom in the cake making industry with more people turning towards cake baking. The modern cake, however, began around the middle of the 19th century.

Different types of cakes are made all over the world and each culture has its own delicacy. Whether they are made with cream or without it they are always very tasty. The softest cakes are the most appreciated and the secret lies in the whipping of the batter. Modern technology has enabled bakers to try different methods of making soft cakes that melt in the mouth. But no matter how soft and creamy they are, they can be sent to various parts of the world online. It is one of the most wonderful ways of greeting someone a birthday, anniversary.

Types of cakes

If you want next day cakes delivered then the online websites can provide you with a long list of cakes arranged in alphabetical order. Some of the commonest cakes ordered online are chocolate black forest cakes, pineapple cakes, strawberry cakes, fruit cakes, truffle cakes, butterscotch, coffee cake, and more. For anniversary and birthdays people love to order cakes with pictures. Couples prefer romantic pictures of themselves. But for birthdays cartoon characters and figures of Disney characters are more popular. These heavyweight cakes have to be selected and ordered properly so that they reach on time and intact.

Different shaped cakes

The earliest cakes were round because they were made in the tradition of the round breads. But the modern cakes are of various shapes like box-shaped, dome, tier-cakes, cups, bread box, rectangular, square, number-shaped, cars, bears, houses, castles and even in the form of dancing figures.  The innovativeness and presentation makes a lot of difference in the way the cakes are presented to the recipient. The frosting on the cakes achieve greater heights particularly if the shapes are interesting. From bugs to a card-shaped tier cake anything can be made and sent for cake delivery in Manchester.
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