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Describing Theology for a Better Understanding and Avoiding Misconceptions

The term “theology” comes from two Greek words that combined denote “the study of God.” Christian theology is basically an endeavor to comprehend God as He is revealed in the Bible. No theology will ever completely explicate God and His ways because God is eternally and infinitely higher than people are. Hence, any effort to describe Him will fall short. Nevertheless, God does want his people to know Him, and theology is the science and art of knowing what people can know and comprehend about God in an understandable and organized manner.

Some people try to evade theology because they believe it is discordant. Though, properly understood, theology is bonding. Proper biblical theology, according to Martin Sanders is a fine thing; it is the education of God's Word

Life can be regarded from several perspectives, all of which would contain an emotional, physical, psychological, intellectual, spiritual or social aspect. There is no one agreed upon and concrete definition for the mystery, but diverse scholars has tried to turn up with descriptions that would fit the explanation.

Poor theology and an inaccurate, superficial compre

hension of God will only make our lives shoddier instead of bringing the hope and comfort people long for. Knowing about God is momentously significant. Human beings are mean to themselves if one tries to live in this world without knowing about God. The world is an agonizing place, and life in it is unpleasant and disappointing. Rebuff theology and you trouble yourself to life with no sense of guidance. Martin Sanders who is the President and Founder of Global Leadership Inc. believes that without theology, one wastes their lives and loses their souls.

Maybe one of the explanations that seem to fit without much argument is the one that says that life is the phase during which something is functional, operational or usable. In other words, it is the phase between which somebody or something is born and the stage when they die. This refers to both inanimate and animate things. For instance, it is doable to say that a project had an undersized life, meaning that the phase between when it was envisaged and the time it came to an end or it attained its goals was not extensive.

Nevertheless, it is worth learning that in most instances when the question about life takes place, it more often than not comprises a theoretical aspect in it. This means that individuals will be engrossed in finding out the significance or even the importance of human biological life. In as much as there are many intellectuals who have dealt with the question about life, one thing is for certain; that not one of them has been able to tell people accurately why people are here on earth, what life is all about and what the significance of it all is.

However, through scientific and theological conjecture, all explanations indicate to the principle of life and what it actually is. People have been made to comprehend that, this phase of functionality is a mixture of many physical and chemical processes that are fundamentally beyond the human perceptive.
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