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Skill evaluation of the project manager

In any project, it is the project manager who is said to play a crucial role. Hence, it becomes essential for all organizations interested in hiring project managers to seek only the best candidates for the job. For those who are already employed with the organization needs to be evaluated periodically, to ensure that they ready to meet the growing challenges of the business.

Evaluating the project manager

It is possible to evaluate the skills of the project manager and to improve it further to derive better results. The project manager skills assessment test is undoubtedly an important task that each and every organization has to undertake. Be it promoting an employee to the post of a project manager to trying to hire one, besides interviewing, the process needs to include a written or online form of evaluation. It will help the management to know what the prospective project managers have in them to deal with the different types of challenges that are generally noticed in the every changing project scenario.

How can the evaluation be of help to the candidate?

The evaluation process when conducted can help the person to realize where he is actually standing. He is also prepared to deal properly with the stakeholders, teams, clients and upper management. With renewed commitment made towards excellence, the evaluation process can also help the candidate and the organization as well to enjoy immense success. The assessment test for project manager can rather prove to be a boon for those organizations that are looking forwards to hire perfect the managers. The evaluation can help to know the management knowledge possessed by the candidate and if they will be able to live up to the expectations or not.


The project manager to be hired needs to be knowledgeable in all aspects and is to be confident in each and every decision taken by him. It is necessary to understand that the success of any project is dependent mainly on the project manager. It is for this reason, carrying out evaluation tests has become more than a necessity. It also helps to determine the executive employed with the organization, who has the required skills and is capable enough to handle challenges.

Conducting tests

Such tests are offered different companies. Each program is considered to be different and the test helps to explore the various components mentioned below:

·         Cognitive skills
·         Personality
·         Knowledge
The test’s knowledge portion measures the potentiality of the prospective project manager and identifies clearly what he already knows. There are 9 knowledge areas that are generally covered under the test. They are given below:

·         Project Integration Mgt.
·         Project Time Mgt.
·         Project Cost Mgt.
·         Project Scope Mgt.
·         Project HR Mgt.
·         Project Quality Mgt.
·         Project Communications Mgt.
·         Project Procurement Mgt.
·         Project Risk Mgt.

The results offered by the test will help both the candidates and the companies to know the proficiency level and where more training will be required.
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