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Re-evaluating Buddhism- A Darker Side that Is Never Evaluated

Buddhism has always got a fair stance, and by far there has been no such hypocrisy or critical analysis of the religion with mass acceptance to a completely different level. Apparently, it seems to be the epitome of Eastern wisdom, but once you take a dip in it, you might smell something different. So why not take a deeper dive into it, and let’s find out what else lies within the religion?

Buddhism is that good boy of the class who never involves any kind of a nuisance, and it has got the philosophical subtlety and believes that tolerance is the key in all spheres of life. Soka Gakkai Buddhism is highly praiseworthy of the fact that Friedrich Nietzsche, who has never missed criticizing any of the religion has even considered Buddhism to be nihilistic, but hundreds of times realistic than Christianity. But have people of the 21st century perceived it? Is it worth any further discussion? Are there layers to the religion at all that takes a stance at the ramification of the Buddhist belief in practice?

An expert who has stayed in touch with Soka Gakkai Buddhism or has worked on it believes that there is a lurking darkness in there. There is an intense sensitivity that works among the Buddhist kids and it has been drilled into them right from the tender age. It is good to an extent, but as soon as it makes them community conscious that is exactly where things might take different turns. However, there has been no such violent stance ever taken by the Buddhist community, and it is all about mere apprehensions that are being based upon.

Karma has always been the base of Buddhism, which mostly relies on the deeds of the individuals and reaping the benefits or suffering according to the Karma. The weight of past lives has always had its impact on the current one, and the karmic cycle doesn’t end with just one life. Just like the soul transcends from one life to another, karma tags along with it as well. Hence, Buddhism never supports one to tread on the wrong paths of life, as that will only instill the wrong deed upon him. And the suffering will continue for lives together.

As long as this concept works for prevention from the wrong deed, the concept should be broadly welcomed. But what about reading the karma of past lives? Is every suffering of today is due to the karma of your earlier life? Who in this world can help you travel time back and help you find your deeds and evaluate whether the karmic cycle holds true or not?

Is questioning your religion and beliefs allowed? This is where exactly you start distancing yourself from your beliefs, but it is essential to clear the doubts. None of the religions in this world is free of doubts, and Buddhism is not free of it as well. But welcoming the questions is the biggest of all positive traits. Accept it, only to have a deeper faith in your own religion.
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