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How to Varnish Wooden Furniture And Enhance the Interior Decoration of House?

It is very important to varnish wooden furniture because it not only helps in adding elegance to your furniture but also helps in protecting it against all damages. This varnish is normally made of solvent, resin and drying oil. Most varnishes make your furniture look glossy; however there are some people who prefer semi glossed furniture. So for such cases painters can be used that can be used as an agent for flatting. Varnish does not have any pigment unlike wood stain or paint and is a completely transparent material. It is often added to give a glossy effect to the wood.

The varnishes that are made up of resin dry immediately after its application. These varnishes are made of acrylic and become dry as soon as the water gets evaporated. However these varnishes need some extra time to cure themselves. Another very important factor that is important for you to remember is the fact that when you are applying the varnish it is important to keep the humidity and the temperature of the place in mind.
If you are planning to apply varnish and want to know about the different steps involved in applying varnish then you can go through the steps given below:
·         The first and the foremost important step is to choose an area that has proper ventilation and is also well lit. If the area where the varnish is applied is well lit then it is easier to spot the different imperfections like dents, brush strokes, air bubbles and bare patches. Another very important reason to apply varnish in a well-ventilated area is the fact that it contains very strong fumes and so if the place is stuffy then there is a possibility that you might feel a little dizzy or light headed. In case you feel that the fumes are too strong for you then there it is better for you to either keep a window open or turn on the fan.

·         Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that fact that the varnish should always be applied in an area that is absolutely free from dirt and dust. If required you can also mop or vacuum the place so that no dust is able to settle down. In case you are applying varnish outside your home then it is important for you to ensure that you do not work in the windy days so that the dust is not able to settle down on the wet varnish.
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