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How to Start a Collectibles Business

Collectibles and antique businesses are popular these days, especially because for some people these collectibles are very important and valuable. Of course, you can offer a different selection of items, from figurines to old furniture. There are many dealers that cannot agree what antique really means. We can say that something has to be 100 years old in order to become an antique piece, while collectible items have less than 100 years old.

This particular distinction is not that good because there are some collectibles that are more expensive than antiques. We can easily conclude that time is not always a factor that determines the price. There are experts that could determine the original value of antique merchandise; however, it could lead to a subjective price that comes from the dedicated collectible fan, for example.

In case that you want to start a collectible business, you must have all relevant information on product and knowledge on marketing techniques that will attract customers to your shop. That is the formula for successful business.

How to Start an Antiques Business?

1.       First, you have to create a thorough business plan. In the plan you should include: \

·         The most appropriate business format that you need in order to establish a successful business.
·         Go to a public accountant in order to get familiar with retailer business.
·         Choose whether you want to make sole proprietorship, S corporation, Limited Liability Company or General Corporation.

2.       The next thing that you should do is to complete all organizational task such as:

·         Obtaining a business license at city clerk’s office and ask for all permits that you need.
·         You have to meet with insurance agent in order to create business liability insurance
·         Contact Department of Revenue in order to get sales tax license.

3.       Find a location

It is important to find a visible location for your store. It doesn’t have to be big, just transparent. In case that you have items and products that you cannot place in the store, you can always choose public storage Chicago for a more convenient way of keeping your items.

·         You should also ensure that store has an ample glass where people can see antiques while passing. Find the one that has street access and a parking spot for customers.
·         Check next to buildings near businesses and touristic attractions.
·         You have to obtain zoning approval before you decide to open a store.

Analyze competition

Before you determine the location, you should know about similar shops in your city, because that way you can find the appropriate place for yourself. Analyzing other business is not a fraud, and it is indispensable in creating a perfect business plan. In case that some antiques specialize for 19th-century items, you should choose something else.


Keep the debris out of your store, and create an environment where customers will feel like at home. This is just a beginning; the real handling comes after a year of working. However, this is a great opportunity to expand your business and improve the quality of your life.
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