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Control Solutions by Industry

Various industries have unique needs when it comes to designing a custom control solution for them. Healthcare facilities, university laboratories, government entities or research centers, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical firms, all these must maintain integrity in their daily undertakings. The quality of work done in these places must remain high and at the same time compliant to set safety measures. That’s why control solution systems must be incorporated into all these platforms. The control systems should be designed with goals that are relevant to each industry. As such, a qualified supplier ought to provide reliable control solutions by industry. Below are some areas of interests you may like to know in relation to control systems:

Government Agencies

A lot happens at the government agency facilities, which obligate monitoring in these environments. There are crime and quality control laboratories, which face demands to provide accurate research and experimental processes. In this case, we are talking of biological, biochemical, and chemical research, which employs the use of a wide array of apparatus. As such, the control solutions ought to be high-tech.

Medical Facilities

With the rise in health care associated infections, effective and reliable ventilation is becoming a major source of concern to medical facilities. Patients, healthcare practitioners, visitors and the subordinate staff need assurance that possible infectious pathogens are controlled at the highest level. And that means the control solutions for health spaces employed should be reliable. Reliable control solutions should offer:

·         Environmental comfort
·         Guaranteed infection controlled rooms
·         Pandemic influenza and emergency preparedness
·         Profitability
·         Reasonable energy consumption


The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest platforms that perform analytical chemistry. That means a need for much reliable control solutions at the labs where these processes take place. Humans, animals, and aquatic creatures interact with pharmaceutical products, and at various levels thus, proper research must be done when manufacturing these products. Controlled environments vary from basic wet chemistry research to clinical animal trials and, the integrity of the processes involved solely depends on stable rooms.

Academic and Research Universities

These are the two segments known for conducting diverse experiments. That means the avenues used for the processes must be stable. The facilities airflow control system plays a pivotal role in the researcher's safety as well as the integrity of their work. Some of the typical university applications you want to know and the objectives that a control system needs to meet include:

·         Wet Chemistry Lab –(A control solution in this set-up must guarantee operator safety, room pressurization, comfort, reliability and proper ventilation).

·         Vivariums – (objectives of the control system should be: a stable environment, comfort, and safety for the animals and personnel)

·         Open Bench Labs – (target: proper pressure, reliable environment, and others)  

·         Research Environments – (objectives: proper inlet and outlet intensity, pressure independence, pressurization and precision ventilation)

·         Support Lab Spaces – (the control solution needs to ensure pressurization and enhance collaboration)

These control solutions operate with no flow sensors that clean and maintain the air quality. Nonetheless, a good system must be energy efficient. 
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