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Camcorder and Performance Booster: LG G7

Despite the increase in screen size, the pixel density of LG G6 is 544-PPI, and this figure is almost identical to the density of pixels in LG G5 (554 PPI) display. Of course, the display is just wonderful news, and the presence of matrix IPS means wide viewing angles, a clear picture on the screen and accurate color are also excellent. Also, the screen of LG G6 has an excellent brightness stock - great news in anticipation of the summer sunshine. The same sort of wonderful features having wide range hues is also anticipated whenever we talk about the upcoming LG beast, LG G7.

The G6 processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 - a choice in favor of stability tested chipset the time that their will still be a long time to show good results in benchmarks. The RAM set in the model 4 GB, and permanent memory - 64 Gbytes, expandable MicroSD card with a memory capacity of 2 terabytes. The upcoming hero LG G7 will support a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC chipset and Adreno 630 GPU. Moreover, the enhanced RAM of 6GB and internal memory of 68Gbytes, which is expandable, is impressive.


LG G6 cannot be attributed to the category of camera phones, but this model looks very good and even is able to replace a professional SLR camera in terms of equipment for photo and video. We begin traditionally - with consideration of the front camera. The current smartphones are designed primarily for high-quality capture selfie. The higher picture quality with LG G7 smartphone is more exciting. The wide range of colors, great sharpness, detailed realistic pictures will make you grin with the superb technology of LG G7.

One of the latest trends here - the wide-angle lens to capture the largest possible number of people in one shot. The front chamber 5 megapixels, and its viewing angle is wide-angle lens 100 °, therefore, a need for popular selfie-stick is eliminated. The software application enables, and "Shooting for a gesture" that facilitate photographing a loved one. However, closer attention should be paid double main camera, which includes two 13-megapixel lenses. These lenses are not equivalent.

One of the lenses and a wide-angle lens provided 125 °. However, capturing more space in one block, the lens is weak when shooting in low light conditions, because it has a diaphragm value f / 2.4. The second lens has a built-in optical stabilization and angle of 71°, but has a component aperture f / 1.8, so it is preferable to use for the shooting in the dark or under low light conditions, the non-standard aspect ratio (18: 9) served as an impetus for the creation of the original camera mode called "Square".

In the named smartphone screen mode is divided into two squares, images are obtained with a ratio of 1: 1 - it is ideal for sharing photos on social networks, and to send them to the messengers. LG G7 with its 12 MP front camera and 22 MP dual lenses primary Camera is really astonishing.

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